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How long does it take to become a licensed real estate agent?

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2 answers

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Armand’s Answer

Mr. Iyer's answer (his posting) is quite a good answer. Please check it.
But there's a second part to this question that was unanswered (of even unasked), which is how to get started in the BUSINESS of real estate.
By this, I mean, it's not enough just to get a license to start "selling" real estate. The real estate profession is extremely competitive and getting the training to learn how to be successful and make a living is extremely important.
To be clear: the process of getting a license does not prepare you for actually making a living - the actual "selling" of real estate part. Getting a license is just teaches you the regulatory side of real estate, not the business side.
Please start by picking up a book called "21 Things I Wish My Broker Had Told Me."
Secondly, ask for a meeting with some of the top companies in your area's managers, Don't be shy. Ask them flat out what their company would do to help you be successful.
The best companies will have extensive training programs in place to help their new agents succeed. Mentorship and solid, ongoing advice will be critical to your success.
If you connect with good people, the profession can be very rewarding.
Best of luck.

Amazing feedback I will purchase the book ASAP Dwayne B.

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Mahesh’s Answer

Hi Dwayne, please find the below link:

Thank you so much I appreciate the help! Dwayne B.