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What are tips for a successful interview in the entertainment industry?

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3 answers

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Jerome’s Answer


The entertainment industry is full of unique and creative people and I think during your interview it's important to highlight what you are interested in and what you would like to learn and explore. I think it would be helpful to express your inspirations and example how you would like to use your own ideas to develop and create.

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Vineeth’s Answer

As you begin to prepare, it’s important to remember that an entertainment industry interview is most successful when one is familiar with what the employer expects and/or needs. The entertainment industry is incredibly competitive and specific. Understanding the unique aspects of conversations with entertainment employers is crucial when attempting to distinguish yourself from other applicants.

* it’s always wise to use discretion and present a polished appearance at any interview
* A key ingredient to a successful interview in this field is making a solid, strong, and favorable first impression
* Like most interviews, you should follow proper preparedness strategies such as researching the person interviewing you, anticipating questions they may ask and tailoring your questions accordingly
* It is important to take timing into consideration when readying oneself for the interview at hand.
* Always represent yourself with decency to everyone along the way during your job search

You can give yourself a major leg-up on forging these positive work relationships with proper, well-informed industry interview techniques.

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Rohit’s Answer

During interview

Be creative

Show your area of expertise

Try to guide interview through your creative journey