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What are tips for a successful interview in the entertainment industry?

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4 answers

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Lucie’s Answer

Outch, job interviews are tough! But the hardest part is really to actually get one in my opinion!
First of all dress for the job you want, without a tuxedo, dress the part.
Second, in my opinion what everyone looks into a good candidate/good interview is someone who is concise, doesn't lose his train of thoughts, to the point, good story teller, etc.

To stand out, despite the many answers you already got, I would say:
#1 Match job posting and resume
Highlight the different part of the job posting and match it to your resume. Use maybe a few different highlighters to really distinguish the different skillset required. This will be make it easier for you to speak about what has not been highlighted (because it will come up!)

#2 Look out for the obvious
Look for the obvious questions you will be asked: Experience, gap in resume, etc. Be prepared to respond to these questions with a well prepared answer. It might be a way for you to shine.

#3 Work on story telling
A good story needs to be down to the point and follow a path of development. Don't get lost into rabbit holes and other tangent, look into the narrative and make sure it is one where you stand out.

#4 Prepare and Practice make Perfect
There will be obvious questions about your resume, also, there will be the questions we are all expecting: Tell me about yourself, what are some of your qualities, what do you like about our company, why do you want to work here, etc.?
It will vary per the role and industry but all the questions you will have will be in some sort of the same flavor from one interview to the next.
Then rehearse, under the shower, in front of the mirror, with friends, family, etc. The more you repeat your stories the more they will come naturally and when a question you have not prepared for arise you should be more relaxed to answer.

Hope this helps,
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Vineeth’s Answer

As you begin to prepare, it’s important to remember that an entertainment industry interview is most successful when one is familiar with what the employer expects and/or needs. The entertainment industry is incredibly competitive and specific. Understanding the unique aspects of conversations with entertainment employers is crucial when attempting to distinguish yourself from other applicants.

* it’s always wise to use discretion and present a polished appearance at any interview
* A key ingredient to a successful interview in this field is making a solid, strong, and favorable first impression
* Like most interviews, you should follow proper preparedness strategies such as researching the person interviewing you, anticipating questions they may ask and tailoring your questions accordingly
* It is important to take timing into consideration when readying oneself for the interview at hand.
* Always represent yourself with decency to everyone along the way during your job search

You can give yourself a major leg-up on forging these positive work relationships with proper, well-informed industry interview techniques.
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Rohit’s Answer

During interview

Be creative

Show your area of expertise

Try to guide interview through your creative journey

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Jerome’s Answer


The entertainment industry is full of unique and creative people and I think during your interview it's important to highlight what you are interested in and what you would like to learn and explore. I think it would be helpful to express your inspirations and example how you would like to use your own ideas to develop and create.