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Maryuri May 02 279 views

What are some tips for a job interview?

I'm a senior in high school and I'm planning on working, but I need tips to have a good job interview.

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Sam Jul 18 180 views

What should I say during an interview?

What are important things to mention

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Tyreh Jun 23, 2021 1131 views

Is it possible someone more introverted to get a career in the business field?

#business #career #marketing #internship

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Catherine Aug 26, 2019 721 views

Can I succeed in business? How can I pick a career that properly suits my interests?

Hello, I'm currently a second-year college student, and I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with my future. I'm currently majoring in English, but I've been debating whether to add business as a second major due to my interest in what I perceive as business-related fields. The only...

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Ryley Aug 09 626 views

What kind of jobs can I get with a business degree?

What kind of jobs can I get with a business degree?

Leo’s Avatar
Leo May 04 262 views

How do I do well in an interview?

What questions should I ask? Does it matter what I wear?

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Zhiyuan May 10 177 views

What should we do for interview?

What can we do to prepare for the interview? How can we increase the hiring percentage through the interview process? How can we have a good reputation?

Noah’s Avatar
Noah May 21 116 views

What are the best qualities of an interview?

What are they and how can I make an interview more better than before

Eric’s Avatar
Eric May 17 322 views

How can I find a part-time accounting job while attending college?

Im currently an accounting student at Santa Monica College transferring to a four-year university this fall 2023. I have completed both Financial and Managerial accounting courses and information systems courses that emphasize Microsoft Excel.

Hilda’s Avatar
Hilda May 27 213 views

Are there any tips on getting your first internship? Are there any career recommendations based on my major and certifications?

I am a business management student in my junior year at college, and I am finding it extremely difficult to find any job opportunities. I am completing certifications on Udemy. Some are in marketing analytics and business analysis. I have no job experience besides being a former student...

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Ariana Apr 16, 2018 2033 views

Tips for candidates new to the interviewing process

What are some tips or pointers for people who are looking for their first jobs(s).
How do I stand out while having no experience or professional qualifications?
#interviews #interview #interviewing-skills #professionalism #new-hires #

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Ethan Oct 12, 2020 1561 views

How should I go about asking questions in job interviews?

I am a communications and film double major wanting a career in the entertainment industry. #career-choice #jobs #networking #interview

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Sara Lily May 26, 2018 836 views

What are tips for a successful interview in the entertainment industry?

#interview #interview-preparation #interviewing #interview-questions #interviews

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Feb 04, 2017 5923 views

What will make you stand out at a job interview?

Hey! I was just wondering what could make me stand out a little when I go to a job interview. Would it be something that I would say, something that I would do, or something else? Thank you! #business #medicine #teaching #law #technology #interviews #information-technology #customer-service

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Jan 06 557 views

How to introduce yourself in an interview?

How do I tell something about myself and How would I describe it? What makes me unique compared to other interviewee, my strengths and weakness. And others?