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I would like to become a subject matter expert on database systems.



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Augusta I. Jan 19, 2018 460 views

What are some steps that I can take to become a White Hacker?

I am almost done with my undergraduate degree in Applied Computing Technology (Computer Science and Business) and I wanted to know if there are steps I should take to right now to make it into this profession. Thank you.#technology #tech #information-technology...

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Augusta I. Jan 19, 2018 430 views

How to successfully fundraise for a school club?

I would like to help my club afford attending different conferences. We are a club centered around STEM majors. We don't know the ins and outs of being sponsored by companies/raising money for the organization. I would greatly appreciate any and all advice. Thank you. #college #university...

#civic-and-social-organization #women-in-tech #sponsorship #fundraising #stem #organization #student-clubs #non-profit-organization-management #money

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Augusta I. Feb 17, 2017 875 views

Where can I look to get real-world experience?

I am a college student, declared in the electrical engineering major. I don't have a 3.0 at the moment but I would like to work in a field specific to my major and skills that I have acquired. Do you have any suggestions what kind of companies or places hire students with a GPA around 2.5?...

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Augusta I. Feb 17, 2017 686 views

When employers list a specific GPA requirement, is it final?

I ask this because I am a electrical engineering major and I don't have a 3.0 GPA, which seems to be the threshold for most companies looking to hire college students. I would like to apply for most companies but I do not meet this requirement. I want to note that I usually don't meet this...

#tech #entry-level #computer-science #internships #java

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Augusta I. Nov 09, 2016 561 views

Should I apply for as many relevant opportunities that come my way?

I am currently in my second year as an electrical engineering major. My gpa is below a 2.5. Should I count myself out of having a chance at these opportunities and work on my gpa or should I apply and see what happens for this year? #engineering #internships #research #gpa...


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Augusta I. Apr 27, 2016 1779 views

What companies/occupations make it their job to find flaws?

I am asking because this is something I might like to do. I do happen to watch a lot of movies and was wondering if movies are not all lies. To be specific, are there companies that get hired to try to disable a company's security system, find flaws in a website or app, or altering access cards...

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Augusta I. Apr 26, 2016 1218 views

What does an entry-level engineering job look like?

Could you specify if you had previous experience, i.e. an internship, co-op, part-time job, before graduating? #engineering...


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Augusta I. Apr 26, 2016 749 views

What is one thing that you think engineering students should develop/begin to develop during their time in undergrad?

I ask because I don't have a flexible 4/5 year plan for the courses I need to take to graduate. Some things I have been told are: learn public speaking, learn language, learn CAD, and learn something completely different for engineering....


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Augusta I. Apr 26, 2016 695 views

As a woman, why did you decide not to pursue engineering?

This question is for women who declared a field of engineering as their major and later switched to a non-engineering major. #college #engineering #women-in-stem...