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San Francisco, California
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I want to work in a field that values communication and being social.



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Leo May 08, 2023 409 views

How do I quit my job?

What do I tell my employer? Do I have to give my 2 weeks notice?

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Leo May 08, 2023 285 views

How do I prepare for the future if I have no idea what I want to do?

What are ways to discover what I would want to do in the future?

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Leo May 08, 2023 256 views

Are internships better than a normal job?

Should I do an internship or make money from a job?

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Leo May 08, 2023 559 views

Can using chatgpt be beneficial?

How should I use chatgpt for school?

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Leo May 04, 2023 663 views

How do I do well in an interview?

What questions should I ask? Does it matter what I wear?