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Becca H.’s Avatar
Becca H. May 11, 2016 606 views

I know that math is a big part of engineering, but how big?

Am thinking about becoming an engineer, but I'm afraid of all of the math....


Sydney G.’s Avatar
Sydney G. Nov 29 36 views

How much is Harvard's tuition per semester

I want to get in Harvard, but curious of the tuition per semester #law-enforcement...


Sydney G.’s Avatar
Sydney G. Nov 29 44 views

How long is law school

I want to be able to have the the power to make a difference through law and Ability to help others. #law-school...


Sydney G.’s Avatar
Sydney G. Nov 29 40 views

Is getting into Harvard hard

I'm in 12th grade and want to know before I enter Harvard law school #law...


Divya S.’s Avatar
Divya S. Jun 22 177 views

What can I do in my undergrad to gain experience in the pharmacy industry and understand if it's something I'd like to pursue?

I'm currently a biochemistry major possibly on a pre-medical track but genuinely I have very little idea what career I would like to pursue. Being a pharmacist is a job that piques my interest, but I don't know how to gain the experience I need to understand if it's the right industry for me...

#medicine #pharmacy #pharmacist #career

kamila M.’s Avatar
kamila M. Jun 12, 2019 163 views
Jesse A.’s Avatar
Jesse A. Apr 25, 2016 741 views

How exactly do engineers turn science into reality?

Kids in class are interested in learning more about this career....


Debi R.’s Avatar
Debi R. Jun 12, 2019 142 views
Ana G.’s Avatar
Ana G. Nov 10 107 views

What are the things I must prepare for, before going into college/medical school

I'm in my first year of high school and I can't wait to begin furthering my ambition of becoming a neurosurgeon. I want the best advice for that profession. #givingiscaring...


Kaitlyn T.’s Avatar
Kaitlyn T. Jun 12, 2019 244 views
Javonte S.’s Avatar
Javonte S. May 20, 2016 571 views
Erick G.’s Avatar
Erick G. Mar 20 602 views

Is it even worth it to look for an internship for this summer?

I was looking for an accounting internship but with #covid-19 is it even worth my time? #accounting...


Anyienza P.’s Avatar
Anyienza P. Jul 23, 2018 221 views
abby T.’s Avatar
abby T. Oct 24 32 views

is nursing fun now like 2020-2021 year

Im high school student at mcneil high school and i want to be a nurse after school and i'm also im in 11th grade the college i want to go to texas A&M in corpus christi #high-school-students...


Aric H.’s Avatar
Aric H. May 05, 2016 797 views

What is the daily work life of a pastry chef like? What is the hardest part of the job?

I am a shy person who likes to read and play games and have been interested in pastry since I was little. #chef...


Lilly C.’s Avatar
Lilly C. Jul 23, 2018 244 views
Becca H.’s Avatar
Becca H. May 17, 2016 500 views

How do I become a fashion designer?

I like fashion but I'm not sure how to make it a career....


Ana G.’s Avatar
Ana G. Jul 13, 2018 184 views

Becoming A Doctor

What is primarily required in order for you to become a doctor...


Shruthi B.’s Avatar
Shruthi B. Oct 20, 2016 544 views

How do I, as a high schooler, figure out exactly what I'm interested in career wise?

All my life, I've always wanted to go into medicine, but recently I've been having doubts as 10 years of medical school sounds daunting and expensive. I'm trying to look for more options and see if medicine truly is the path for me so I'm taking a lot of experimental classes such as computer...

#college-major #volunteering #medicine #computer-science #psychology #graphic-design #hiring

Litzy V.’s Avatar
Litzy V. May 04, 2016 432 views
Javonte S.’s Avatar
Javonte S. May 24, 2016 589 views

What kind of things do doctors do?

I want to be a doctor. I dont know what all they do. #doctor...


Elizabeth G.’s Avatar
Elizabeth G. Mar 31, 2018 519 views

How am I going to pay off my college debt?

My parents are separated, and my mother is barely able to keep my family afloat. Many nights I've had to go to bed hungry because my mother simply couldn't afford to buy food. I work a part-time job, but because my mother asks for money constantly, I lose my paychecks quickly. Nobody is going...

#money-management #money #help #college #collegedebt #debt #premed #doctor #medicine

Mia M.’s Avatar
Mia M. Jul 13, 2018 203 views
emma H.’s Avatar
emma H. Jul 13, 2018 310 views

what is law school like an how does it work?

do you go to regular college an then law school or just law school ?...


Green Teen K.’s Avatar
Green Teen K. May 09, 2016 1574 views

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