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Jesse A.’s Avatar
Jesse A. Apr 25, 2016 884 views

Are all engineers the same?

Kids in class are interested in learning more about this career....


Tre G.’s Avatar
Tre G. May 13, 2016 666 views

What is the best college to attend to play football.

When i grow up I want to be a professional football player. I also want to go to school when I grow up but Im not sure what for yet. #sports #football...


Tre G.’s Avatar
Tre G. May 13, 2016 611 views

What do I need to do to become a professional Soccer player?

Playing soccer is my favorite thing to do in the whole world. I love playing with my friends at home and at school. When I grow up I want to be a pro soccer player so i can have fun with my friends all the time. #sports...


LaRon J.’s Avatar
LaRon J. Jan 16, 2018 558 views

Can I get a job with no experience?

I am a senior in college to receive a bachelor's degree in accounting. I haven't worked any job in ten years. I have no experience in the accounting field. Will I be able to find work in my field? #accounting #college #experience...


Layla S.’s Avatar
Layla S. Jul 13, 2018 277 views

What college is best fitted for me if i am a musician

#music I am very good at the drums and i stared at 10 (i just turned 10 that...

Chandler F.’s Avatar
Chandler F. Nov 28, 2017 755 views

Tips on public speaking?

I’ve always hated public speaking.... I was wondering what some tips are for staying calm while giving presentations #public-speaking #public-relations #public-sector #motivational-speaking #speaking #presentations...


Hannah H.’s Avatar
Hannah H. May 04, 2016 852 views

What's the most challenging part of being a pediatrician? Is it rewarding?

I'm thinking about becoming a pediatrician and I'm really curious about what the average day of a pediatrician is like. I really want to help children, but I'm confused if this is the right way for me. #doctor #medicine #health #pediatrics #pediatrician #hospital-and-health-care #career...


Tamara B.’s Avatar
Tamara B. Oct 25, 2016 653 views

What are some of the best ways to get scholarships?

I need money for college and scholarships are overwhelming!!! #finance #money...


Ellyanna K.’s Avatar
Ellyanna K. Jul 23, 2018 285 views
Becca H.’s Avatar
Becca H. May 11, 2016 22397 views
Caitlin B.’s Avatar
Caitlin B. Apr 25, 2016 744 views

How can I get a career in fashion merchandising?

I want to work in fashion and I want a stable career. What should I do and what subjects do I need to study #marketing #fashion #fashion-design...


Alyssa O.’s Avatar
Alyssa O. Feb 25 125 views

Can you enlist in the army if you had a 504 plan for ADD before the age of 14, but still had it after your 14th birthday?

I want to join the army in a few years but I wasn't sure if this would be disqualifying. If you know more about this topic, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. *Thank you* #army #armyfuture #futurearmygoals #enlisting #armyenlistment...


Jenni W.’s Avatar
Jenni W. Sep 07, 2016 1182 views

When is the best time to start looking for jobs for after graduation?

I am a senior in college, graduating in May. I have begun looking for jobs, but many of my peers have not. I would like to know if I am wasting my time right now, or if I should have started searching sooner. #college #jobs #graduate #job-search...


Caitlin B.’s Avatar
Caitlin B. Apr 25, 2016 8274 views
Dominica D.’s Avatar
Dominica D. May 18, 2016 457 views

What specific skills does one need to be an oncologist?

I'm Dominica and a junior in high school. I have a passion for the medical field and I want to be an oncologist because I want to save the lives of cancer patients, and end up finding a cure for cancer. #psychology #pediatrics #pharmacy #oncology #medicine...


Caitlin B.’s Avatar
Caitlin B. May 02, 2016 635 views
jayden H.’s Avatar
jayden H. Jul 23, 2018 268 views

what does it take to be a volleyball player.

I would really want to be a volleyball player but scared that I am bad what to I do? #athlete #volleyball #professional-sports...


Hannah M.’s Avatar
Hannah M. Jan 16, 2018 361 views

How do I stand out when applying for scholarships?

How should I stand apart from others applying to the same scholarships as me and what are ways to look unique to scholarship committees? #scholarships #scholarship...


Caitlin B.’s Avatar
Caitlin B. Apr 25, 2016 1021 views
Kayla M.’s Avatar
Kayla M. Mar 31, 2018 365 views

What are ways to stand out to colleges on applications, and also for financial aid?

Pretty soon I will start applying to college and I would love to get into my top 2, and I would appreciate some tips to look good on my application. #college-applications #university-applications #college...


Lilly C.’s Avatar
Lilly C. Jul 23, 2018 289 views
Caitlin B.’s Avatar
Caitlin B. May 02, 2016 870 views

What made you decide on your job?

I want to know why professional people chose the jobs that they have? Money? Happiness? #college #jobs #careers...


Kaitlyn T.’s Avatar
Kaitlyn T. Jun 12, 2019 295 views
Salma C.’s Avatar
Salma C. May 05, 2016 792 views

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