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Mallamma N. May 03, 2016 563 views
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Tanish H. Jul 30 42 views
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Samyukta S. Jul 30 22 views

What are some careers related to genetics?

I find myself drawn to genetics. In case I want to pursue a career in genetics, what all options lie before me? #medicine #biology #genetics...


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Tanish H. Jul 30 16 views

I wanted to know which country abroad will be the cheapest to study in

I'm from India and I have just finished 12th grade. I'm looking for good UG courses, preferably CS field. #college...


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nandan N. Jun 23, 2016 583 views
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dinesh S. Jan 25, 2017 607 views
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prajwal L. May 06, 2016 529 views

How do I make my dreams in life come true?

My dream is to be a police officer. How do I make that dream come true? #college #career #police...


aishwarya A.’s Avatar
aishwarya A. May 03, 2016 677 views

What degree should I choose to become a bank manager?

i have completed 2nd puc with commerce but do not know what degree I should pursue to become a bank manager in India. #manager #bank #finance #business...


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sruti S. Jun 09, 2017 375 views

What steps should I take towards becoming a doctor after fixing your goal as it.

I am interested in doing medicals .i want to know what I should work towards. is there any exam that I should take...

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rajanesh K. May 03, 2016 436 views
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Sahana D. May 05, 2016 716 views
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Samyukta S. Jun 28 171 views

Is it worth it?

Becoming a psychologist requires at least 12 years of studying, but I found out that they don't earn as much I thought they earn. Suppose I graduate from a prestigious university like Harvard med school, and then become a psychologist; will all the studying and hard work be worth it? Will I get...

#psychology #medical #money

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revathi K. May 03, 2016 372 views

Where can i meet CA profession

I'm studying commerece and want to understand the sector...


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kumar K. May 02, 2016 1213 views
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abhishek B. May 03, 2016 979 views

How can I become a IAS police officer?

im in interest in public service.i want to control corruption. #ias...


manjunath S.’s Avatar
manjunath S. May 03, 2016 628 views

How do I become an IAS officer?

i have completed 10 th std. Next are some next steps I can take to become an IAS officer? #educator #government #military #career...


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Deepa B. May 03, 2016 453 views

How do I become a doctor?

I'd love to become a doctor and study science but don't know what the career path looks like. To achieve my ambition what are the skills required? While studying can I do to prepare beforehand? What books should I read in-order to achieve my ambition and which colleges should I apply to...

#hospital-and-health-care #doctor #college #career #educator #career-counseling

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sruti S. Jul 18 37 views

Doctor: renowned university but not all setteled

What I keep wondering about is something like this: doing mbbs in India through government quota takes so much efforts and sleepless nights but what makes me think abt it is the fact that even after so much efforts not all doctors are owning huge hospitals or a lot of respect.. I see many of...

#july20 #humanresourcewaste #doctor

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