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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Within 40 mile radius
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Ashwini yesterday 301 views

What job can a high school student do after graduating in order to gain some extra knowledge and to add a little something to his/her resume?

I want to know about any internships or job opportunities offered to high school graduates for a period of 2-3 months as a summer internship programme.

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Ashwini yesterday 304 views

Is it game over if I score less marks in my high school final year? Will I be able to join any college to pursue a bachelors in computer science? What other qualifications matter except my grades?

I'm currently writing my high school cbse class 12 board exams and I am worried whether I will have a bright future if i fail to secure a good grade in my exams.

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Ashwini Feb 21 731 views

Is it true that it is easy for IITians to get into MBA programmes in top business schools abroad? Is it impossible for students from other institutes (like MSRIT, etc.) who are equally qualified with GMAT scores?

I've heard that most of the students from india who get into mba programmes abroad are IITians and very few of the students of other institutes in India get into the same programme. Is it a myth or reality and why?

Mohammed’s Avatar
Mohammed Nov 13, 2023 614 views

How do I start Management Consulting Career?

I need advice in how I make myself stand-out of the crowd that is already hunting Management Consultants jobs. I want to know the perfect kick start to management consultant career and unmeasured success.

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snehal Sep 26, 2023 323 views

How can I become a doctor?

I'm interested in this path

snehal’s Avatar
snehal Sep 06, 2023 381 views

how do i choose my career?

career planning, designer

Srishti’s Avatar
Srishti Sep 01, 2023 309 views

How do I start my Artificial Intelligence journey from scratch ?

Give me the complete road map for it

sne’s Avatar
sne Aug 31, 2023 284 views

how do i start a business as a young girl?

I want to run my own business which would be profitable

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah May 05, 2023 420 views

Is a Data Science BSc worth it?

I've gotten into a Data Science Bachelors program at the University of Bristol, and I was wondering if it is enough if I want to get into data science or machine learning roles in the future. Would I be disadvantaged as compared to stats/maths or computer science grads.

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Akaash Jan 27, 2023 250 views

People from India that travelled to UK for their post graduation/masters - what advice would you give to those that are now planning on doing the same?

Any/all advice in any/all field(s) is welcome and greatly appreciated! If you could go back in time and give advice to your past self on what to expect, what to prepare for, how best to prepare yourself, do's and don'ts - and anything else you would like your past self to know - what would you...

Akaash’s Avatar
Akaash Jan 26, 2023 295 views

Which is the best course to pursue after completing BBA? MBA, MiM, MSc, Mres? Or is there some other course that is a better option?

I have completed my BBA and have almost completed 1 year of work experience as well. I want to pursue my masters but am not sure which course to opt for. Would greatly appreciate an/all advice that you can share with me, regarding which course to choose. Thank you. I look forward to hearing...

Fahmi’s Avatar
Fahmi Dec 18, 2022 6132 views

How can I decide between Biology & Computer Science (joint ) or Computer Science or Biology

I am 12th Grade student and preparing my application for undergraduate admission.
I like biology and computer programming both?

thejas’s Avatar
thejas Dec 09, 2022 432 views

Any suggestion job role BSC electronics graduate?

#EOY22 Any suggestion job role BSC electronics graduate?

Avantika’s Avatar
Avantika Nov 18, 2022 575 views

How do I get into a high ranking college?

my scores in academics aren't that...good. I have around 2Bs and 2Cs in my A levels and I want to ensure that I can still get into a few top-tiered colleges. In what ways can I build my portfolio so I can get in without much of a focus on my 'lack of academic performance'?

Samyukta’s Avatar
Samyukta Jul 01, 2022 623 views

How do I go about this career path and what exams should I sit before going abroad?

I want to complete my mbbs degree(Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery inindia) and then do further studies abroad

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