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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Within 40 mile radius
nayana N.’s Avatar
nayana N. Jun 23, 2016 916 views

I want to become a teacher? which subject is best?

i want to be a good teacher to prepare good citizen of India to be a supper power.. teacher professor education educators...


Ali G.’s Avatar
Ali G. May 08, 2016 3100 views

What is the hardest thing about being a manager?

I would really like to be a manager or CEO one day. What is the hardest part about managing a team? What do you like best about it? Thank you! technology management leadership...


dinesh P.’s Avatar
dinesh P. Jun 03, 2016 509 views

What are the course options to become a software engineer?

I am student in grade 10, want to know what are the various course options to become a software engineer?...


DD M.’s Avatar
DD M. Jun 26, 2021 443 views

What does a Business analyst do?

I am a high school graduate looking a business analysis in a BBA as an option . I would love to know what the profession of a Business analyst with a BBA degree actually does . business...


DD M.’s Avatar
DD M. Oct 29, 2021 112 views

What to choose?

Having an interest of being a part of the Banking Industry and wanting to excel in there , Which of the majors today would help me achieve it the best , considering the Future and its needs and requirements ? finance...


dinesh P.’s Avatar
dinesh P. Jun 03, 2016 798 views

How to become a Hardware engineer?

I am in grade 10 and want to know the studies that will help me become a hardware engineer? what should be the course i need to take for 11th&12th? what is the graduation i have to do? what is the salary for them? computer-hardware hardware financial-planning...


sindhu C.’s Avatar
sindhu C. May 03, 2016 885 views
DD M.’s Avatar
DD M. Jul 19, 2021 216 views

Business as a career

Do MBAs from highly notable universities like Stanford , Harvard , etc . add to the salaries you get . Also , can they help in better promotions alongside your hardwork? business...


DD M.’s Avatar
DD M. Jul 28, 2021 136 views


Are both University of Michigan , Ann Arbor and Dearborn equally amazing?...


Sushma C.’s Avatar
Sushma C. May 10, 2016 711 views

i have completed BA i want to do job which job is suitable for BA course ?

I have completed my BA I am interested in doing job please help me which job suitable ?...


Paul A.’s Avatar
Paul A. Oct 24, 2021 125 views

What should I do to pursue a Phd in the United States ?

I completed my MBA here in India and work for a corporate company but would like to be a researcher and to pursue that I would like to do a Phd in the United States...


DD M.’s Avatar
DD M. Jun 25, 2021 238 views

Finance or Business Analytics

I would love to pursue a degree in Business Administration but not sure majoring which of the above . business finance...


DD M.’s Avatar
DD M. Sep 28, 2021 119 views

Blockchain with MBA

I am a Business student doing my Bachelor of Business Administration as of now and planning a career in the Banking industry . Pretty recently had I come across certain news about some softwares like BITCOIN , CRYPTOCURRENCY , BLOCKCHAIN and so to be replacing the Banking industry totally ,...

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