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Ashwini Feb 26 720 views

What job can a high school student do after graduating in order to gain some extra knowledge and to add a little something to his/her resume?

I want to know about any internships or job opportunities offered to high school graduates for a period of 2-3 months as a summer internship programme.

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Ashwini Feb 26 644 views

Is it game over if I score less marks in my high school final year? Will I be able to join any college to pursue a bachelors in computer science? What other qualifications matter except my grades?

I'm currently writing my high school cbse class 12 board exams and I am worried whether I will have a bright future if i fail to secure a good grade in my exams.

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Ashwini Feb 21 966 views

Is it true that it is easy for IITians to get into MBA programmes in top business schools abroad? Is it impossible for students from other institutes (like MSRIT, etc.) who are equally qualified with GMAT scores?

I've heard that most of the students from india who get into mba programmes abroad are IITians and very few of the students of other institutes in India get into the same programme. Is it a myth or reality and why?

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Ashwini Dec 03, 2021 755 views

ISB Hyderabad and IIM Bangalore - which one is a better institute to study MBA?

#business #college #student

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Ashwini Jun 18, 2021 4390 views

Is it better to do MTech integrated course in CSE (5 years) in VIT Vellore or B Tech course in CSE (4 years) in VIT Vellore to become a software engineer?

#engineering #software-engineering #software #technology #engineer

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Ashwini Jun 29, 2020 970 views

Is getting into IIT better for studying BTech in Computer Science Engineering than getting into BITS?

Student; #computer-engineering #computer-science #engineering #science