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Career Questions tagged Job Coaching

C L.’s Avatar
C L. Jul 19, 2018 506 views

How long does it take to find your ideal job? (if you've found one)

jobs job-search human-resource undergraduate students-problem advice mentoring job-coaching Pursuing a rewarding career seems to take forever through trials and error. How long does it take to figure out what's the best fit for you? Thanks in...

Sophie H.’s Avatar
Sophie H. Apr 24, 2018 555 views

If many jobs in the future (perhaps MOST jobs) will be replaced by machines and Artificial Intelligence, what should we be studying in college?

I read Kurt Vonnegut's "Player Piano" as well as several of his short stories that depict a future in which all "jobs" have been eliminated - machines do everything. The people who have meaningful work find their life has less meaning. They ask, "What are humans FOR?" So, I wonder what...

job creativity future-careers technology job-coaching future job-search

William K.’s Avatar
William K. Mar 06, 2018 383 views

What can I do with my Anthropology degree

In such a broad field as the literal "study of humans" there is an application in almost every field. However, as I am looking at jobs, I am getting discouraged since practically zero have "anthropologist" in the title. What are some ideas of jobs in which I can use my anthropology degree? job...


C L.’s Avatar
C L. Feb 19, 2018 3095 views

what to write for a follow-up email on a conditional job offer

I've accepted a conditional job offer. However, I haven't heard back from them after I accepted the offer. What should I write in the follow-up email ? job-coaching email human-resources career-counseling Thank...

Mireia R.’s Avatar
Mireia R. Feb 17, 2018 587 views

What are the best jobs for college students looking to pay for tuition?

I'm asking because college is expensive and I'm wondering if there are any jobs out there that are perfect for busy full-time students besides work study. Preferably anything online. Personal experience is super helpful. I appreciate the guidance. college-jobs college college-advice...

higher-education online-job working-from-home job-search job-coaching jobs work-life-balance college-major college-bound work career

C L.’s Avatar
C L. Feb 01, 2018 614 views

How/ Who should I ask for references

I've been working at a retail store for 8 months, and I have several different store managers already. Which store managers should I ask for references? (store managers are constantly reassigned to different branches so I only work with each for roughly 2 months) career-counseling...

references job-coaching retail-sales interviewprep interviews referrals retail-management

Mireia R.’s Avatar
Mireia R. Dec 16, 2017 607 views

What are some careers that are family-oriented?

Would love to have a job that still allows time to spend with my family. Are there any maybe underrated professions that would allow you to do so? career career-counseling career-choice profession job-coaching job-searching career-path...


Akampreet K.’s Avatar
Akampreet K. Oct 12, 2016 784 views

How to be confident while answering, "What are you strengths and weakness?" (in an interview)

I always end stuck on this question while in a interview and end up doing bad throughout the whole thing. How do I find out my strengths and weakness, should I try to make a list? jobs job job-coaching job-application...


Akampreet K.’s Avatar
Akampreet K. Oct 11, 2016 794 views

What are the top 5 questions you get asked in interviews?

Interviews are not my thing so, I always try to prepare my best but get stuck on a specific question such to "Why you should be hired?" Or "How will you make our company/organization better?" jobs job-coaching student-development...


Wanita J.’s Avatar
Wanita J. Apr 18, 2017 800 views

Is it true that curlier hair and cultural hairstyles are looked down upon in a professional setting? Is straighter hair preferred or is this a myth?

People can manipulate their hair in many ways i.e dread locs, braids, kinky twist, afro ranging in multitudes of curls, etc. Working, in many cases, means being professional. This alludes to the concept of being groomed (good hygiene, tidy appearance). There is this notion that hair that is not...

career-advice job-coaching job-search professional-training

Olivea V.’s Avatar
Olivea V. Feb 12, 2017 831 views

Should I create a LinkedIn profile to help find a job?

I am a highschool student seeking a summer job, but I have little work experience. I want to increase my profile in the "work world". Is LinkedIn a good place to start? job-coaching first-job linkedin...


Esther C.’s Avatar
Esther C. Feb 04, 2017 901 views

What aspects on a college's resume can stand out to employers for internships?

Currently a freshman in college, I am wondering what activities I should be pursuing to appeal more to employers for internships recruitment. Are there some activities that are more heavily weighed than others? resume college-jobs job-coaching recruiting resume-writing college-recruiting...


Samantha  H.’s Avatar
Samantha H. Oct 20, 2016 549 views

How to get hired despite not having experience?

What can I do to prove I don't need experience to be successful?...


Esther C.’s Avatar
Esther C. Oct 15, 2016 960 views

What must an elevator pitch consist of?

Interviews are coming up soon and every one of my professor emphasized on the question: Tell me a little about yourself. This is where the elevator pitch comes in, but I cannot decide what information is significant enough to be included and what is not. What tips do you have for the elevator...

employee-relations interviews interview-preparation job-interview job-coaching

Amber C.’s Avatar
Amber C. May 13, 2016 665 views

What is the best idea to take if your dream for the future is not as practical or resourceful as you once believed?

I am asking this question because many people tell me that I may be overthinking the results of my post-secondary choices. I hope to create an inspiring cartoon that will capture attention and or possibly turn it into a film. However, I realize that I may not animation as much as I like the...

teacher job-coaching graduate counselor parent student business mentoring

Jackson C.’s Avatar
Jackson C. May 13, 2016 985 views

how do you get a career as a coach or in the front office of a professional sports team?

I was wondering how you get a Career working for a professional sports team. I love basketball, I played basketball, and currently coach youth basketball and i love it and want to keep doing it as a career. I like math and stats I look at them everyday and with the new statistics coming into...

coaching front-office basketball sports professional-sports job-coaching