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Twinkle T. May 14, 2016 485 views

To choose your career, is it better to choose logically or emotionally?

I don't know the answer for the question. So I just need an answer to clear my path. #general #surgeon #artist #mathematician...


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Amber C. May 13, 2016 585 views

What is the best idea to take if your dream for the future is not as practical or resourceful as you once believed?

I am asking this question because many people tell me that I may be overthinking the results of my post-secondary choices. I hope to create an inspiring cartoon that will capture attention and or possibly turn it into a film. However, I realize that I may not animation as much as I like the...

#job-coaching #student #parent #mentoring #graduate #business #teacher #counselor

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Jennifer L. May 13, 2016 372 views

Is having a major and a minor that are on different sides of the spectrum even possible/attainable?

I am a GED graduate but attended some college classes during my high school years and I am interested in a field pertaining to the human behaviors such as psychology or sociology but I also have several years experience in Sales and looking to continue in Business to expand my network base and...