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What do you do when you are in an interview and you are hit with a complicated question you may have trouble answering ?

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

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5 answers

Kim’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas

I had an interview once where the very first question was "What is the difference between loyalty and integrity, which one is more important, and why?" Wow! I think the first thing to say is something to stall for a few seconds, such as "Wow! That's a truly original question!" Then, make sure you understand the question before you start to answer it. Ask for clarification, if necessary. Break it down into parts. It's really okay to answer half of it and then ask them to repeat the second half. Some people take notes during interviews. They ask first, "is it okay if i take notes?" This makes sense, esp. since they will likely cover the job duties and the compensation/benefits, but I have never felt comfortable doing it! And, if you have a notepad, you can write down the question! If you simply cannot answer the question, say so, and explain why. But, before doing that, try to provide an answer, even if you have to say, "no, i don't have any experience doing that, but, I do have experience doing XXXX which I think is somewhat similar." Sometimes I think that having a question we don't know the answer to makes us appear more human, and honest. Those who have rehearsed all the answers sometimes come across as telling you what they think you want to hear, as opposed to the truth. I'd much rather hire the person who I think is being the most candid!

Bill’s Answer

Updated Woodbridge Township, New Jersey

If you don't understand the question ask for clarification. It is better to do this then provide a totally miss-aligned answer.

Saurabh’s Answer

  1. Always think before you answer...more so if the question is tricky. The interviewer , in addition to your approach, will also look at whether you can identify the complexities of the question.
  2. Approach matters - Some answers are complicated with no straightforward answer. Your answer is as good as the approach you take to get that answer. So instead of sharing the answer, share the step wise approach and then reach the answer.
  3. Take your time - If you are unsure, take your time. Write the stuff down. Organise your thoughts and your answer before responding.
  4. Even after that if you are unable to reach the answer, dont be afraid to admit it. You are OK if you dont know everything. Acknowledge that.

Jyoti’s Answer

Updated Hyderabad, Telangana, India

WOW! you will face this situation in interviews quite often. Sometimes, you know the answer still feel stuck. 1. Clarify the question, ask them to repeat - This will give you sometime to think 2. If you do not know, say you don't know. You can try to relate it to something you have learned or done in past and give some example 3. do mention that this is new and something you can research once out of interview

Remember, It is ok not to know few answers :-) All the best!

sundara’s Answer

Updated Woodbridge Township, New Jersey

Please note that the nervousness that is caused by the feeling that a questions is not answered properly is the main reason for a failed job interview. not everyone knows everything.. if you are not able to answer a question, please remain calm and politely convey that you do not know the answer. continue to answer the other questions. that also demonstrates your resilience and ability to remain calm when faced with a tough situation.