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sundara vaidyanathan

Assistant Vice President at AIG
Management Consulting
Woodbridge Township, New Jersey
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eyshea’s Avatar
eyshea Apr 18, 2017 1052 views

What do you do when you are in an interview and you are hit with a complicated question you may have trouble answering ?

i have a job interview coming soon and i want to be ready for anything #jobs #job-coaching #first-job #high #job-application

Ursula’s Avatar
Ursula Apr 14, 2017 1361 views

What techniques do you use to help you keep focus?

My finals are coming up and I have a lot of content to go over. I'm a very distracted person and in the end of the day, I feel like I wasn't productive at all. I tried meditating with the app headspace and it helps sometimes. I already turn my phone off while studying, but the problem is: my...

Ursula’s Avatar
Ursula Apr 14, 2017 1113 views

How do you keep yourself motivated when studying a subject you really don't like?

I love the program I'm taking, but there are some courses that are mandatory and not related to my field. It's easy to get motivated to study most of the courses, but the other mandatory courses also affect my GPA. So, how do I motivate myself to study hard and do very well on the courses that...

Robin’s Avatar
Robin Apr 08, 2017 1901 views

What do you do when you don't have the answer for an interview question?

Let's say you're in an interview, and they ask you if you have any experience in this field. Instead of saying just "no", how could you word it better? #job #interviews #job-application

sami ullah’s Avatar
sami ullah Apr 15, 2017 1233 views

Why we are studying? For knowledge or money? Why we are in depression state?

I am a university student. I observed many things like student trends about jobs and only gaining degrees. #business-development #educators #expertise #educational-leadership

Antonio ’s Avatar
Antonio Apr 25, 2017 1611 views

Any tips to help ease the worry of a good interview?

I recently got my permission to work in the U.S, but so far I've been struggling my interviews. I have been applying for several jobs and I've gotten call for interviews. When I do the interviews, I always try to give a good impression but after the interview I don't get call back about the...

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra Apr 29, 2017 1443 views

Is Volunteering really a good look on your college resume?

Some of my friends volunteer but says its a waist of their time.

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra May 03, 2017 1198 views

How much do you suppose to save for retirement?

Don't know how much I should be saving #retirement

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra May 05, 2017 733 views

What do you need to major in to become a Foreign Service Officer?

Minoring in International relations #international-affairs

Mekhi’s Avatar
Mekhi Dec 04, 2014 1470 views

What majors should someone interested business analysts look into?

I was wondering what kind of courses should someone interested in business analysts take. #business #money #mathematics #money-management #analysts

Logan’s Avatar
Logan Feb 03, 2017 869 views

What does a regular day as an accountant look like?

I'm a senior in high school and next year I'll be attending college. I'm taking accounting this year and I really like it, but I'm interested in knowing more about what my future would look like before I jump into it in college. #business #accounting