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Juliana S. Jan 17, 2018 417 views

What is the Best Road to Success in the Educational Field?

The Educational Field has attracted me significantly ever since I was young. I love the idea of giving children knowledge in a fun and dynamic classroom environment. I even would dream (and still dream) about starting my own school! I know everyone has to start small in order to achieve big...

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Amelia P. Jan 16, 2018 491 views

How can I get my future students to feel confident in front of the classroom?

As an Education Major, I've notice throughout my many field experiences I've notice many students are shy in the classroom because they've either developed a fear of embarrassment, failure or being bullied by peers. It's also know that this time in their life is common to feel these emotions...

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Tariyaha F. Aug 31, 2017 523 views

When you met other teachers how did you feel?

I am asking this question because I want to become a teacher myself. I also have a passion for teaching young kids their basic things that they need to know.#education...


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Tariyaha F. Aug 31, 2017 1306 views

How do you manage your classroom and students?

I am asking this because I love to create a classroom where students feel welcomed into my classroom.I will also set some rules in my classroom because I love to have fun but I also want to learn.#education-management...


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sami ullah K. Apr 15, 2017 881 views

Why we are studying? For knowledge or money? Why we are in depression state?

I am a university student. I observed many things like student trends about jobs and only gaining degrees. #business-development #educators #expertise...


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Rasbin S. Sep 09, 2016 631 views

can I still go for it ?

can I go for aeronautic engineering in masters level even if I had taken automobile engineering in bachelors level. #professor #mechanical-engineering #aerospace-engineering #aeronautics...