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What does a day in the life of a teacher look like?

I helped out in an elementary classroom so here is my experience on that: Everyday had the same(ish) routine; however, everyday was still different. Some days the whole class was laughing and everyone was having a great time. Other days it was frustrating when the students wouldn't do their work. When doing activities most kids would/could stay on task. There were a few you had to keep your eye on thought! Lunch/recess breaks are like mini-prep periods for the next part. Zena S.

They all want your attention at one (this was a 4th grade classroom). The teacher I was working with would give directions, have some students repeat the directions (some would still not know what to do), and once she said 'Go!' there would be at least three kids who would go up to her and talk to her. there is a lot of high-fives, hugging, and poking-of-arms/ tugging of sleeve (to get attention) Zena S.

Thank you for your insight, Zena! (: Mireia R.

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3 answers

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Debra’s Answer

A day in the life of a teacher can be very different from person to person, school to school. Most people - who have never taught - tend to think teaching is much easier than they think it is. Talking to real teachers about what they do every day, what they like about their jobs, what's frustrating about their jobs, etc. is a really good idea if you're thinking about going into teaching. I started out teaching Special Ed in an elementary school. I now teach at the college level. I find I am much more suited to teaching adults. I was an "OK" special ed teacher for elementary students; but I'm a much better teacher of adults. :) So when you think about teaching - think about all the different kinds of teachers and different locations teachers where teachers teach.

Debra recommends the following next steps:

Read stories from real teachers: https://www.alleducationschools.com/elementary-education/elementary-school-teacher/

Thank you so much for your insight! Mireia R.

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Joanna’s Answer

It depends on what sort of teaching you are looking into. Consider what age of student you want to work with. I currently work with kids from K-high school. My husband teaches high school, and I also substitute at his school.

You typically get 1 period off (prep) to do gradin g, lesson plans, etc. There is at least one meeting a week with your department, and various staff and development days throughout the year. At his school you can also pick a 12 month pay schedule, which helps with budgeting.

At university you are generally assigned classes, and you may not have much say, but there are opportunities to teach online.

In elementary school you are with the kids all day, so all your prep is before or after school.

Good luck!

Thank you so much for your advice! Mireia R.

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Karen’s Answer

Like any other profession, it can be wonderful or frustrating.  It depends a lot on your attitude and understanding the situation you are in.  I suggest thinking about the age level that you prefer as well as subjects you enjoy.  Knowing your goals may help you to plan and really enjoy the experience of being a teacher.

I liked teaching adults in a corporate setting and at a vocational  technical college but when I retired I decided to volunteer as an assistant kindergarten teacher where I help young students learn to read and that's been the most rewarding position of all.

Suggest you ask your friends for names of the best teachers they know and see if you can connect with them over coffee or email.  Tell them you just want to know "what does a day in the life of a teacher look like."               All the best to you!!