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Career Questions tagged Education Management

Aly’s Avatar
Aly Oct 13, 2022 169 views

What are some career options (other than teaching) for people who like interacting with children and adolescents?

I like interacting with children & adolescents, but am not particularly interested nor skilled in teaching. What career options are out there that can serve/interact with children other than teaching?

Hallie’s Avatar
Hallie May 15, 2018 621 views

Why are education programs so different from state to state?

Looking to go into the education field. #college #education #education-management

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Mar 20, 2018 795 views

What is it like to start your own school?

I'm in school to become a teacher, and I can see the current school culture becoming more and more stressful for students. Eventually I want to start my own school. Where are some good places to go to find out what I need to get a school started? #school #entrepreneurship #education-management...

David’s Avatar
David Jan 24, 2018 910 views

Would it be rude to tell my teacher to stop smoking, if not, how can I put it as gently as possible?

She is an amazing teacher who knows a great deal. She has control of the class and makes learning effective but her breath and classroom smells of cigarettes and coffee. For her well being I want her to stop smoking and in turn help me and my classmates learn better without worrying about...

Juliana’s Avatar
Juliana Jan 17, 2018 675 views

What is the Best Road to Success in the Educational Field?

The Educational Field has attracted me significantly ever since I was young. I love the idea of giving children knowledge in a fun and dynamic classroom environment. I even would dream (and still dream) about starting my own school! I know everyone has to start small in order to achieve big...

Alisha’s Avatar
Alisha Jan 12, 2018 521 views

Growing up abroad, all my teachers were international teachers from England, but my question is how does one become an international teacher from America?

I would like to teach my subject of expertise in International Schools around the world.

#teaching #education #education-management #international

Sirius’s Avatar
Sirius Jan 05, 2018 639 views

Hello.I would like to apply for bachelor degree in Austria.So I would like to choose International Logistics.

So but I dont know where it whould be better.In a big city like Vienna (BFI FH WIEN) or small city i would say very small Steyr.(FH Steyr)So what do you thing?thank you for your time or and yes what do you think about my profession? #education-management

Vidya’s Avatar
Vidya Oct 12, 2017 900 views

What are the most lucrative jobs in the Nonprofit sector?

I am currently pursuing my MS in Nonprofit Management and exploring my various career options in this sector. #nonprofits #non-profit-organization-management #non-profit-management #fundraising #education-management

Cristina’s Avatar
Cristina Oct 12, 2017 868 views

How I can prepare myself for an exam?

I'm having a hard time to organize myself and plan my day. The final week is getting more stressful for me and I have problems to memorize the new information. #exams #test #school-counseling #professor #higher-education #education-management #education #organization...

Tariyaha’s Avatar
Tariyaha Aug 31, 2017 1616 views

How do you manage your classroom and students?

I am asking this because I love to create a classroom where students feel welcomed into my classroom.I will also set some rules in my classroom because I love to have fun but I also want to learn.#education-management #educational-leadership

Nadege’s Avatar
Nadege Apr 14, 2017 897 views

Is it possible to work with a bachelor's in psychology?

I have been told many time that I can't work with a bachelor's in psychology that I need a master degree to work. #higher-education #non-profits #education-management

Caleb’s Avatar
Caleb Jan 09, 2017 830 views

What can I do with a BA in Education?

It seems that in order to teach anywhere I need a Masters in Education, so what can I do in the education field with a BA? #education #higher-education #k-12-education #education-management

Parker’s Avatar
Parker Dec 06, 2016 1008 views

Does the intern experience at a large company fundamentally differ when done during a non-traditional season such as the fall or winter?

- To what degree does timing affect experience as an intern? - What are the pros and cons of working with larger groups of interns/peers during more traditional periods such as the summer? - What are the pros and cons of working with a company as either 1) the only intern or 2) a member of a...

Alexa’s Avatar
Alexa Oct 22, 2016 985 views

Do you think it's fair that a single standardized test can define you in your education?

I have recently begun applying to colleges. In doing so, I have been asked on numerous occasions what my ACT and SAT score is. Personally, I believe that one test should not be a determining factor in whether or not you get into college. Students have worked their whole primary education in...

Brittany’s Avatar
Brittany Oct 21, 2016 882 views

Is experience in internships more valued than grades in school to get into a college?

I am currently a high school student and my grades aren't the best however I have a lot of first hand experience in interships #college #doctor #nursing #internships #college-admissions #college-applications #grades #education-management

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Aug 06, 2016 1699 views

Which is more important when choosing a job: salary or work-life balance?

As a high school student, I have many needs and wants throughout the school year. Obviously, I would have to financially support myself if many of my desires are a bit pricey or my parents are no longer supporting me financially (other than food, shelter, etc.) Is it better to take up a...

Alisha’s Avatar
Alisha Jul 04, 2016 1184 views

What does a Masters in Education Management entail?

What is the Master all about and what career options do I have upon graduation? #career #education #higher-education #masters #education-management