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What are the most lucrative jobs in the Nonprofit sector?

I am currently pursuing my MS in Nonprofit Management and exploring my various career options in this sector. #nonprofits #non-profit-organization-management #non-profit-management #fundraising #education-management

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4 answers

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Nancy’s Answer

Vidya, since non-profits are limited in the amount of money they make in order to remain classified as non-profits, salaries can be less than in comparable positions in for-profit companies. However, leadership roles such as executive director, director of development and chief financial officer pay the highest salaries. Interestingly, various professional consultants, such as physicians or specialists in finance, may work for non-profits at higher hourly rates than the upper management, but may consult at more than one agency on a part-time basis.

Regardless of the area you start out in, being mindful of how the business receives its income and helping a non-profit do more within its limitations will always be noticed by management. Community relationships are often key.

Thank you Nancy!! Your insights have been quite helpful. I am developing an interest in the fundraising and marketing aspects of a nonprofit. I feel with the growth of the digital era, digital marketing trends are slowly catching up in the nonprofit sector. What are your thoughts on this? How could I pursue this approach further? Vidya V.

Call some nonprofits and ask them what marketing software they use. You could Minor or at least take courses in marketing as part of your degree. Nancy Hamp

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Brent’s Answer

Usually the most lucrative jobs in nonprofits are in technology development, development/fundraising/advancement, and general management. For large nonprofits ($10M budgets or more), any C-suite or executive job can be lucrative like accounting/finance, operations, marketing, and development.

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Wayne’s Answer

Anything education, development and use of technology to areas that may need it the most. If you are looking within the country areas that tech can grow. In areas where tech may not be the main focus may become the grassroots of growth by re-educating and development technology.

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Mary’s Answer

You will learn a lot in a non-profit organization and you will move up the ladder as you grow in the company. Look up idealist.org and see what is the perfect fit for you and your skills. You are on the right track.

Hi Mary, yes sure I will look up idealist.org..Thank you!! Vidya V.