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Kristen’s Avatar
Kristen Apr 06 167 views

What degrees do I need to become a psychologist?

I am a junior in high school and I really wanna pursue psychology to help others better understand their mental illnesses and make them know they aren't alone.

ray’s Avatar
ray Mar 29 226 views

how to study?

what is good in school and home

Francia’s Avatar
Francia Mar 30 237 views

What are my chances of getting admitted to Vanderbilt?

Vanderbilt is a goal of mine. What are my chances so far as a Tennessee resident junior with 35 ACT composite, 4.0 GPA, multiple APs (all 5s so far), but basically no extracurriculars because of my family situation? I'm learning how to program via an online python course and am also working on...

Charlene’s Avatar
Charlene Mar 30 211 views

What is business in detailed explanation?

Business tips and ways

Fabian’s Avatar
Fabian Mar 30 234 views

What school is best to learn engineering?

I am planning on the school I would love to go so I can start planning ahead now

Iris’s Avatar
Iris Oct 29, 2020 480 views

Whats the most rewarding part about being a mental health counselor?

#mental-health-counseling #mental-health #counselor

Mara’s Avatar
Mara Mar 22 166 views

What is your daily routine as a mental health counselor, who do you work with in a day?

Want more information for project

Love’s Avatar
Love Dec 09, 2023 416 views

How do you work two jobs?

How do you work two jobs and not stay tired also how do you manage working two jobs and going to school? What is a second good job to work that pays every week?

Nikita’s Avatar
Nikita Dec 08, 2023 654 views

Is switching a computer science related career easy?

If you begin a career in cyber security, computer science or any similar field and want to switch your career to a similar one, is it easy?

Deandre’s Avatar
Deandre Dec 03, 2023 356 views

What is the best way to start an agricultural business for beginners

Who are the main people you should be networking with

angelica’s Avatar
angelica Dec 03, 2023 223 views

what factors impacts ones dream?

what do you do to achieve your dreams

Luke’s Avatar
Luke Dec 02, 2023 224 views

When Leaving High school and knowing that I want to go somewhere in the science field, where do I get started?

I just want to know how to figure out where to go for college and picking a career path somewhere in the science field, and where is the best place to get started.

Kassandra’s Avatar
Kassandra Dec 02, 2023 458 views

What are good options for people who want to teach but don't really like the school environment that much?

I have an interest in various different arts and music fields but not really science an math.

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher May 24, 2023 276 views

Hello! My name is Christopher and I am a current high school student. I'm conducting an interview with any professional in the sociology mental health field or authors writing about the sociology mental health field for a Foundations in Health Science Class project about careers! I have created a total of 13 questions. If you are able to answer these 13 questions for my project. ?

1. What profession did you choose? Why? 2. How many years of college did you need to go through? 3. What jobs did you work before you? landed your present professional job? 4. How can I decide if I should earn a Ph.D. in this field? 5. Were you in a college program? 6. Did you have to...

Finn’s Avatar
Finn Jan 31, 2023 341 views

What career paths generally have the best benefits?

Are there any specific job areas with good benefits?