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Career Questions tagged Csjourneys

Areli’s Avatar
Areli Sep 28, 2021 273 views

Can a Computer Scientist find a role in the field of Education?

#computer-science #CSJourneys

Isaiah’s Avatar
Isaiah Sep 28, 2021 389 views

Would taking online coding classes as well as school classes be beneficial?

#CSJourneys #Computer-Science

Corey’s Avatar
Corey Sep 28, 2021 162 views

What did you find complex about your job and how did you get around it or how did you solve it?


Elijah’s Avatar
Elijah Sep 28, 2021 156 views

What was a confusing part of your job and how were you able to get passed it?


Grant’s Avatar
Grant Sep 28, 2021 176 views

What is the Hardest part of your job and how do you get around it.