Wayne White

Career Counselor/Job Coach for people with disabilities and veterans
Non-profit Organization Management
New York, New York
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How did you pick your career? Did you know all along?

I chose my career journey because I realized there are not too many agencies that help people one on one make the transition back to the regular work force. So as a naval veteran and had to work with the ups and downs of having multiple disabilities and maintained work for the last thirty years and now who wants to help others start their personal journey of employment.

What is the one piece of career advice you wish someone gave you when you were younger?

Simply never give up and learn from the downs, they shall become ups and motivate you to greatness.

When you were a student, did you do anything outside of school to build skills or get knowledge that has helped your career?

I worked while attending classes, yes I missed the college life fun, but it made me more rounded and prepared for the workforce.

What is the biggest challenge you had to overcome to get to where you are now professionalls? How did you overcome it?

My biggest challenge was being judged before you truly see what I can do and who I truly am. By working harder and never have doubts in my abilities.

In layperson terms, what do you actually do at work?

Act as a liaison between employee and employers when hiring a person with a disability and/or a transitioning veteran, assist with an employer’s unique placement needs in filling blue and white-collar employment needs and also assess job site for safety and also interview, screen and test potential employees for an employer, with regards to filling job orders.

What is it like when your job gets tough?

I take a moment and realize why I do what I do and remember why I love what I do.

How did you start building your network?

I wrote blogs about the field I work in, I posted to LinkedIn and Bebee about what I do and why and also connect with agencies and people who share my visions.

When did you get your first Big Break? How did you get it? How did it go?

My big break, well I am still waiting for my big break, but I have several little breaks that may result in the big break I need to get over the career journey hump.

What is the most useful piece of career advice you got as a student, and who gave it to you?

Never give up on your dreams and passions.

Did anyone ever oppose your career plans when you were young or push you in a direction you did not want to go?

Yes, and what I did was channel and learn from the criticism and grow from what I have learned.

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Yes, experience is the key, maybe a job as an Assistant Medical Examiner may help and also jobs that have some of the functions as a Forensics Science position. Also while applying for position maybe taking medical courses to supplement your primary degree so you may get another job while still...

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Posted by Wayne White’s Avatar Wayne W.

This person should have at least a year of or up to two years of eligibility left, the NCAA is very tricky when this matter comes to play. One thing, did they play any sports while in technical school. The best thing to do is look up the rules and see where your friend situation fits and go...

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Anything education, development and use of technology to areas that may need it the most. If you are looking within the country areas that tech can grow. In areas where tech may not be the main focus may become the grassroots of growth by re-educating and development...

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Posted by Wayne White’s Avatar Wayne W.

Hello, the best way to travel a happy trail during your career journey is a degree {BA} in Marketing, with classes in non-profits, social networking, and marketing, community services type classes, also a couple of coding and other computer science base classes. With this combo, you shall be...

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Posted by Wayne White’s Avatar Wayne W.

Always look at what you love and what you need to do as if possible one thing that completes you, but when your likes and need to be done are complete opposites then make a logical decision that shall pay for what you...

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Posted by Wayne White’s Avatar Wayne W.

When creating a resume speak in "your.." voice, speak to not at the person or ATS system that is reading your resume. Make sure you use keywords related to the job you are applying for and skills that you have. Allow the person or people or tracking realize you are the best and you don't want...

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Posted by Wayne White’s Avatar Wayne W.

Oh yes, when people say "We don't discriminate against color, sex, disability and so on.." yes they say from their mouths, but the eyes are the true windows of the world and tell what the person truly thinks. I have gone through this for thirty years of job seeking and employment and it gets no...

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Going aboard is the most exciting way to gain knowledge of the world I feel all college students need to round the beginning of their personal career journey, enjoy and take lots of...

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The are about 200 or so action verbs that are good for a resume, search "resume action word......" and it shall give you the wording needed to move your resume to the next level, good...

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Posted by Wayne White’s Avatar Wayne W.

One is to know what you want, money or career, now we all would like both but a lot of times it is one or the other. For me, it was the one out of the other but now it is the career. For a long time, it was the money because bills had to be paid and I needed a job, any job would do and believe...

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Posted by Wayne White’s Avatar Wayne W.
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