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In building my resume, what characteristics are most important?

Just want to know if I should be focusing on research, internships, volunteer opportunities or certifications? #career #career-counseling #career-choice #resume #recruiting #resume-writing #recruitment #job-application

Honestly, I think it depends on your major/desired field. For instance, anything relating to medicine or science I would say research is top priority. For business, internships are very important and so are certifications such as the CPA or Series 7. Volunteer work would be ideal for those looking to go into education or social work. Good luck! Tiffany B.

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5 answers

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Carole’s Answer

In building a good resume you must do several things to make your resume stand out:
1. Make sure you have an area named QUALIFICATIONS because that is one of the most valuable areas on a resume. This is wear you show your skills and sometimes accomplishments which hopefully fit with the job description that you are sending your resume to. Job descriptions are also very valuable because you know exactly what skills the company is looking for and you can expand on those skills and accomplishments in this EXPERIENCE Area on the resume.
2. Research the company and find our exactly what they do, and how you would fit into this company as far as what you could bring to this position. In a cover letter you can talk about how you feel this company is a good match for you because (then you explain why you would like an interview with them, and that your skills are compatible with theirs.
3. Check on the education area and see what kind of degrees people have or if they have certifications and then
you can also explain why you might be a good candidate to fill the position, that is if your skills match what they want.
4. Your strengths, skills and education are all very important in many jobs, and you have to make sure that the reader of the resume sees that you are very qualified for this job, and would be an exceptional candidate.
MAKE SURE YOU ARE ABLE TO RELATE YOUR JOB SKILLS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS TO WHAT THE COMPANY IS ASKING FOR IN THE JOB DESCRIPTION If your job skills don't match with the company's needs your resume might end up in the basket.

Follow these suggestions and I am sure you will be a great candidate for the right company!! do your best and be positive in the interviewing process. Good Luck

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Molly’s Answer

Education should be clearly identified. Where you went to school, what you studied and what degree you earned. Year of degree is not critical.

Experience should be chronological with the most recent experience near the top of your resume. Include company name, your title, dates of employment. Bullet point your responsibilities and results in an easy to read format.

If you're a student, include involvement and leadership in extra curricular activities/clubs/etc.

Recruiters spend very little time scanning hundreds or resumes sometimes, so make sure it's an easy to read format. Long drawn out paragraphs may never be read. For me, the first thing I check for is the degree (critical in my company) so don't make a recruiter dig to find it.

No mistakes! Use spell and error check. Have a friend look it over. You don't want to miss out because of an error that you shoud've caught.

Good luck!

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Fiona’s Answer

Resumes must be short, concise, to the point. Do not exaggerate what you have done - go through the resume to ensure you would be able to, in an interview, discuss in detail every item or skill you have discussed therein. Have one or two things that make you stand out, for example, do you have any interests or skills that are different - language skills etc? Make sure it is clearly presented, not cluttered and easy on the eye. Your key skills and work experience is often very important. It should have a section on education, work experience/volunteering experience, and any relevant or interesting extra curricular activities or other skills you may have. You can choose to include a mission statement (a sentence or two) at the top.

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Wayne’s Answer

When creating a resume speak in "your.." voice, speak to not at the person or ATS system that is reading your resume. Make sure you use keywords related to the job you are applying for and skills that you have. Allow the person or people or tracking realize you are the best and you don't want to lose you to their competitors. Good luck with your career journey, have a great day.

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Rahul’s Answer

Relevancy to the job you're applying.