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Annalisa’s Avatar
Annalisa Jan 15, 2018 5829 views

what should i put on my resume as a first time job seeker?

I'm starting to look for jobs, but I don't know what employers want to see from me, given I have not held a career before.

#jobs #resume #resume-writing

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Jul 11, 2016 2769 views

How do you make a resume, and a cover letter for a resume?

I want to get a job at a college as a computer technician, and you have to make a resume with cover letter. #resume-writing

Torianna’s Avatar
Torianna Jul 29, 2021 433 views

How does my personality need to be like

Hi my name is Torianna and I want to know what kind of personality I would need to be a nurse and how bad can not having a good personality affect the job #nurse #healthcare #medicine

Marquis’s Avatar
Marquis Jun 11, 2021 608 views

How can I start becoming a successful writer?

I am in high school and have discovered an unknown talent for writing #creative-writing #writing #writer

Adriana’s Avatar
Adriana Feb 04, 2017 1280 views

How should I prepare myself for a first job? How do I organize my resume, if I'm a minor, preparing to apply for my first job?

As of a month ago, I officially turned 16, which has given me a broader base of jobs to go after and apply for. I'd like to start applying for jobs, and hopefully, work a steady job before I turn 17, so I can develop my resume history and work-place skills. But all the jobs near me require...

Baby joy’s Avatar
Baby joy Jan 28, 2021 5938 views

What are some practice interview questions?


Manuel’s Avatar
Manuel Nov 05, 2020 445 views

what are some careers and helpful next steps I should consider based on my passion interests? Also will we have to sign up for collage online or in person?

#lawyer / #business-lawyer / or #business-owner.

Lilia’s Avatar
Lilia Oct 27, 2020 561 views

How can I become a marketing manager?

The marketing field just recently became an interest of mind and I am very good with displaying things on social media and talking about different things that would be in the market. My mom was a business major so I know that this is a good career. #marketing #career

Irina’s Avatar
Irina Jun 07, 2019 499 views

Why am I good for what should be my career


Tanya’s Avatar
Tanya Sep 26, 2020 689 views

How can I boost my resume?

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering but I don’t have much job experience and I didn’t do internship because my scholarship agreement didn’t allow it. What are some ways I can boost my resume so that I can stand out among applicants? Right now I’m trying to get certified in solid works....

Aaliyah’s Avatar
Aaliyah Sep 04, 2020 433 views

what are some thing i need to do to start my own business

im a helpful person and i want to get to experience different things and getting to know to different people

Zemira’s Avatar
Zemira Aug 19, 2020 520 views

What pieces of advice would you give young people who aspire to have a career in the medical field?

#career #future

Esther Lapite’s Avatar
Esther Jul 20, 2020 761 views

What made you start your own private practice, and how did you go about it?

I am an aspiring clinical psychologist and have been doing research on private practice. I've read on how it gives you more freedom in setting your own hours, more control of your clients, and more independence as a business. I've also read on how it requires alot of your own resources,...

Alsaondor’s Avatar
Alsaondor Oct 06, 2019 438 views

Describe a difference tasks you were face with and how you addressed it

#career looking for jobs I’m practicing the interview

Teya’s Avatar
Teya May 24, 2018 657 views

How will I go about finding the right career for me when i graduate college with a marine biology major (or something similar)??

#biology #career