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karly U. May 05, 2016 1126 views

what are good Key Strengths/Skills to posess in a professional enviroment?

im karly and i just wanted to know for when im updating my resume what to look out for....


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Jessica K. May 10, 2016 541 views
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Sarah M. May 12, 2016 646 views

Is there a large variety and availability of jobs if I have a Forensic and Investigative Sciences degree?

This is the field I plan on studying and I am curious as to what my future would be after attaining my degree. #forensic #forensic-analysis #criminal-investigations...


Deana A.’s Avatar
Deana A. May 14, 2016 577 views

What is included in community development?

I see a lot of options for a social work major in working with community development, but I am still unclear on what exactly that entails. #college #career #social-work #work...


Elizabeth D.’s Avatar
Elizabeth D. May 18, 2016 1241 views

When applying for jobs, what are good questions for the interviewer?

It seems like every job interview (EVER) ends with the question: do you have any questions about the job/positions/etc.? I can never think of any good ones! Does anyone have any great go-tos they'd like to share for this situation? #interviewing-skills...


Arshad A.’s Avatar
Arshad A. May 23, 2016 1197 views

How to be an outstanding candidate when applying for jobs?

I have just graduated from college and looking for a job. I understand that the job market is tougher this time to make matters worse some say there might be a recession coming. I try to put the best in my CV and resume and tailor them to a particular company I send it to. Other than work...

#college #employment #resume-writing #skills #job-market #resume

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Emily H. May 24, 2016 414 views

Are there any advancements or setbacks within the medical field that could deter my success?

Because I am still looking at many different careers, I wish to know of any advancements or setbacks that could deter my success. #doctor #medicine #science #professor...


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Liya C. May 27, 2016 758 views

What's expected of a college student's or a recent graduate's resume?

Like most people my age, I have a very sad little resume. I dont have the foundation of experience or time to include a long list of impressive accomplishments, work experience and skills. Most of what I have isn't relevant to part time jobs or internships I apply for and I'm still including...

#resume-writing #resume #evaluating-resumes

Basseema A.’s Avatar
Basseema A. Jun 01, 2016 1039 views

When A Possible Employer Asks How Much You Are Looking To Be Paid?

I personally love interviews and I never have an issue with them but the one question that I'm always super frightened that I'm going to be asked is "How much are you looking to be paid?" What should I respond with??? Using a specific number seems like a bad idea to be since if you put it too...

#salary-negotiation #jobs #salary #interviewing-skills #job #interviews #interview-questions

Kaviya K.’s Avatar
Kaviya K. Jun 18, 2016 658 views

How do I prepare for the entrance exam?

Hi, i am a student in biology. I am from a middle class family. How do I prepare the entrance exam in medical? #doctor #teaching #teacher...


Mariya Q.’s Avatar
Mariya Q. Jun 28, 2016 903 views

What should be our attitude while taking an interview? Should we speak more or let them speak?

Hi I am a graduate fresher. Looking for a job, a bit scare about the questions interviewer may ask. Help me with your precious advice. #interviews #manager #director...


Chelsea M.’s Avatar
Chelsea M. Jul 06, 2016 707 views

How do you write a good resume when you lack job experience?

I'm going into my first year of college, but I have only had a month-long internship as actual job experience, and I'd like to apply for more internships as soon as possible. I have done volunteer work and extracurricular activities, but I'm not sure how to format them within a resume to show...

#resume-writing #internships #volunteerism #extracurriculars

Christina A.’s Avatar
Christina A. Jul 07, 2016 937 views

What are the most important traits or skills to develop before starting a career?

I am currently in college. I would like learn and develop important skills and traits that would make me stand out in any field. What do you think are the most important skills to master? #college #career #development #interviewing-skills...


Justin H.’s Avatar
Justin H. Jul 11, 2016 850 views

How do you make a resume, and a cover letter for a resume?

I want to get a job at a college as a computer technician, and you have to make a resume with cover letter....