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L O.’s Avatar
L O. 23 hours ago 26 views

What are the traits of a good attorney?

11th grade student looking into becoming a lawyer one day. #attorney...


Rokhaya T.’s Avatar
Rokhaya T. Oct 30, 2016 389 views

Are there classes that a Sociolgy major should defintely take in college?

One of my career choices is being a sociologist because I really like to to solve problems and helping people....


Christine F.’s Avatar
Christine F. Sep 30 49 views

How do you get into the film industry?

I want a career in fashion merchandising/buying but I'm very interested in films and also how they use costumes to add depth to the characters and stories. I want to set foot on set and help out as a PA to see if maybe I should switch course and try to be in the Costumes department. #marketing...

#movies #fashion #costumes #film

Jairo C.’s Avatar
Jairo C. Sep 19 98 views

How can I help a person in need?

I have a strong passion and dedication for helping others I always love helping people who seem to have some type of major struggle in their life and I try my best in helping a person as much as I can #help # counseling...


Daniella R.’s Avatar
Daniella R. Aug 05, 2018 278 views

At what point during my medical career path should I apply for career-related internships to supplement my college education?

To be a successful student, it is imperative to have practice within a designated career to become an experienced physician and know I will need years of clinical experience. I am wondering, when is it possible/advisable to begin internship work within the approximate 9-10 years of pre-med and...

#career-path #medschool #science #medicine #premedstudent #internships

Mayra N.’s Avatar
Mayra N. May 28, 2015 749 views

How many years of college you need to be a medical assistant?

i am junior in oscar de la hoya animo charter high school and i want to know how long it will take to be a medical assistant to be financial prepared #college #medicine #university #medicine-assistant...


Odalis D.’s Avatar
Odalis D. Jan 16, 2018 201 views

Which are the best ways to get scholarships

I want to not pay too much for college and want to find scholarship #scholarships #college...


Christine F.’s Avatar
Christine F. Sep 30 65 views
Ashley G.’s Avatar
Ashley G. Nov 07, 2018 320 views

What can I do with my Criminal Justice degree

Recent graduate with a bachelor's in Criminal Justice. I've been job searching but have had no luck so far. #jobsearching #criminal-justice #jobsearching...


Odalis D.’s Avatar
Odalis D. Jan 16, 2018 269 views

Which are the best schools for an education major

I asking because want to know my options for when I start applying for colleges #college #teaching...


Pooja L.’s Avatar
Pooja L. May 11, 2016 667 views

Is joining a sorority worth it?

I'm Asian and I want to join a Hellenic Sorority (AKA a historically white sorority). I was wondering if it would be worth it or not? I am attending UCI if that helps? #sorority...


Abygail P.’s Avatar
Abygail P. Aug 23, 2018 250 views

Are Greek parties fun?

Are sorority/fraternity parties actually fun? Or are they just a bunch of people getting completely wasted and randomly hooking up? #greek-life #sorority...


Genesis V.’s Avatar
Genesis V. Oct 28, 2016 692 views

How did you decide on what you wanted to be?

I know I want to study something in the medical field, but I am still very indecisive. Sometimes I think of other careers to focus on but I'm not sure. I need advice on how to choose. I would like to know how a professional decided her/his career. #medicine #physician #photography...

#chemicals #chemical-engineering #physical-therapy #medical-education #pharmaceuticals

Max K.’s Avatar
Max K. Oct 14 20 views

Does it matter which 4 year psychology program you graduate from?

Does it make much of a difference in which 4-year psychology program you graduate from? I heard all you need are labs and promising grades/recommendations when applying for a spot in grad school....


Paul F.’s Avatar
Paul F. Jan 16, 2018 238 views

How hard is it to become a video game story writer?

I've enjoyed writing stories since the ninth grade and I enjoy playing video games. I just wanted to know how hard is it to become a story writer for video games? do i need a major in programming in it or can I just come up with a story while others do the programming part?...


Mario R. C.’s Avatar
Mario R. C. May 06, 2016 557 views

What is the quality of life of a real estate investor?

I'll start my finance degree in the fall and aim towards becoming a real estate investor. What is life like starting out as an investor? What is life like 10 years after starting? 20? #finance #money #real-estate...


Michael G.’s Avatar
Michael G. Sep 28, 2016 445 views

What are two types of stocks?

I want to know the difference between the two, in order to make short and long term investments. #japan #sports-agent #stocks-investing...


Abbas E.’s Avatar
Abbas E. Sep 28, 2016 1324 views
evelyn C.’s Avatar
evelyn C. Sep 01, 2017 345 views

Is biology a good major to get into medical school?

I want to have a career as a surgeon and i want to be able to know what i should major in to have more chance to get into medical school #medicine...


Michael G.’s Avatar
Michael G. Sep 28, 2016 561 views

How do you find a better way of studying ?

I think there is more than one way of learning, so in order to help produce better grades. Better study habits are necessary, I want better grades. #higher-education #japan #principal #elementary-education #middle-school...


Matthew S.’s Avatar
Matthew S. Aug 31, 2017 288 views

Is a kinesiology major an acceptable undergraduate program to earn a bachelor's degree in pursuing a career as a plastic surgeon?

Looking it up online it appears there is no specific undergraduate major required as long as it's in the field of science. However, just to be safe I would like to know from professionals as well. #plastic-surgeon #college #academic-advising #medicine...


Frank B.’s Avatar
Frank B. Mar 23, 2015 792 views

How do you know what part of the medical field you will like to work in?

I am a 17 year old male that lives in the Los Angeles area. My mom is a RN and I want to know what else is possible to work in this field. #doctor #medicine #hospital...


James L.’s Avatar
James L. Jan 20, 2018 243 views

If you fail to get into medical school, what is an alternative that you can turn to.

I have heard that medical school is a extremely rigorous on top of being difficult to get into in the first place....


Joana R.’s Avatar
Joana R. Oct 14, 2016 740 views

What can I do for liberal arts?

I am in college right now and I have no idea what I want to do, I heard this major they offer called liberal arts, it sounds interesting but I have no idea what careers are out there for liberal arts. #art #english #arts #studies...


Esmeradla A.’s Avatar
Esmeradla A. Jan 12, 2018 194 views

Do I need to send my SAT and ACT scores to all the Cal States I am applying to?

One of my friends said that I only need to send in my scores to one cal state. I am unsure if this is true. #school #education...


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