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Devon S. Oct 12 68 views

Best way to ask for a recommendation letter to a PsyD program

Hello, I am in the process of applying to PsyD programs and started to gather recommendation letters. I am finding it very anxiety provoking to ask current and past employers for recommendation letters for my application. I would love some advice on the best ways to ask for recommendation...

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Devon S. Oct 12 69 views
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Allison S. Jul 26 97 views

What are the main differences between a PsyD and a PhD in psychology? What do schools look at in terms of qualifications for acceptance?

I am a senior undergrad student getting ready to graduate with a B.S. in social sciences this December. I am interested in pursuing a higher degree in psychology, but would like to know the main differences between the PsyD and the PhD. I have heard the main differences are that research...

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