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Career Questions tagged Programs

Isabel’s Avatar
Isabel Dec 16, 2022 219 views

How should I prepare myself in high school to enter in nuclear medicine programs?

I am a junior in high school wanting to get into nuclear medicine. I have only taken anatomy and physiology, no other medical classes.

Melony’s Avatar
Melony Nov 17, 2022 190 views

What are some good internships I should look into in high school that will not only help me but will also help my college applications?

I am a Junior in high school and I want to apply to college nursing programs.

Allison’s Avatar
Allison Nov 15, 2022 382 views

What are some good internships I should look into in high school? (am a sophomore)

Am 16 and in my second year of high school and am looking for some things/activities/programs that would look good on my college application and am interest in internships

kelly’s Avatar
kelly Sep 27, 2022 122 views

College with good veterinary programs?

What are colleges in California that have good programs to prepare me for a veterinary degree? Are there recommended classes I should take while in high school or through dual enrollment?

kamontae’s Avatar
kamontae Sep 16, 2022 309 views

What are some actual good psychology programs?

Is there any good colleges/universities with forensic psychology programs?

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Jul 26, 2022 275 views

Are all MBA programs the same?

Do they cover the same topics, or do some programs specialize in one particular area( e.g. economics, accounting, etc.)

Shaina’s Avatar
Shaina Apr 07, 2022 259 views

Where do I find free summer programs 2022?

I want to join a summer program, free and virtual-based only. I don't have a specialization in terms of the subject but I really want to immerse myself in different industries.

Shaney’s Avatar
Shaney Jun 15, 2021 366 views

What program are there to help young people who want to get into criminal justice

I want to become a prosecutor but I want to find programs that would help me before I go to university . #law #programs #lawyer #criminal-justice #college #attorney

Chasity’s Avatar
Chasity May 25, 2021 312 views

What are some colleges with a good medical program ?

#programs #medschool #college # medicine

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua May 19, 2021 253 views

How long does it take to complete a music technology program?


Edwin’s Avatar
Edwin Apr 23, 2021 399 views

What are some good Colleges or Universities that offer a good psychology program?

I am a Junior in high school and am interested in pursuing a psychology career. I was wondering what Colleges/Universities in California offer a good psychology program. #programs

Angela’s Avatar
Angela Dec 14, 2020 346 views

What are some free programs you can use for editing digital illustrations and animation?

I currently use Autodesk Sketchbook, but I am unsure of what free programs I can use to edit my videos of illustrations..
#art #animation #digital #illustration #programs

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Oct 29, 2020 411 views

What college in Iowa has good horticulture programs?

I want to open my own plant nursery business, so I want to take horticulture and a business class. I am planning on attending Kirkwood for Landscape horticulture studies because it has more of what I want to study than their other agriculture classes that include farm equipment and other farm...

Devon’s Avatar
Devon Oct 12, 2020 435 views

What are the top rated PsyD programs in the USA

What are the top APA accredited PsyD programs in the US. #PsyD #psychology #psychologist #schools #apa #doctoral #programs #clinicalpsychology


Daniela’s Avatar
Daniela Jul 22, 2020 316 views

What are some good colleges I should look into that have a good medical program?

#programs #college #collegeprep

Brittany’s Avatar
Brittany Jul 18, 2020 443 views

How do I choose a psychology graduate track?

I'm a rising college junior majoring in psychology and minoring in criminal justice. When I was researching graduate schools, I found there are many tracks in the psychology graduate programs that I'm interested in. How do I narrow down a single track? #psychology #graduateschool #college...

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Jun 13, 2020 556 views

What is the best way to get experience with technology programs for architecture?

I would like to start an internship and be prepared for my freshmen year in college. I've heard that a lot of architecture students already use pretty impressive programs. What is a good way that I can get started? #Architecture #Programs #college

Zenia’s Avatar
Zenia May 01, 2019 334 views

what school can i find a good medical program with good medical majors?

#medicine #programs #doctor

Briseida’s Avatar
Briseida Apr 29, 2019 580 views

What other jobs are there to help kids that aren't being a teacher, babysitter or a nurse?

#children #programs

corey’s Avatar
corey Apr 10, 2019 860 views

any tips for a new programer

I have the fundamentals down for c++ but I'm looking for advance tips and tricks to make my programs run smoother

#computer-software #programs

Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel Jan 07, 2019 494 views

Best internships for auto mechanic?

#internships #programs

Andrea’s Avatar
Andrea Sep 19, 2018 423 views

How do I know where to look for specific scholarships for the career I want to go in to?

#specialeducation #scholarships #programs

Alejandra’s Avatar
Alejandra Aug 31, 2018 462 views

What University programs can I assist to if my dream job is in the entertainment industry?

Specifically the screenwriting/story-boarding aspect of the movie industry.#career #entertainment #programs

Cierra’s Avatar
Cierra Aug 30, 2018 487 views

How intense is the program for Medical Lab Sciences?

I would love to know what to expect if I major in Medical Lab Sciences. Is this going to be a super intense program. #programs #medicine #doctor #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare #med-school

Lorna’s Avatar
Lorna Aug 21, 2018 486 views

Is a 3+3 accelerated program for physical therapists really worth it?

Instead of the traditional 4+2 program for physical therapy, some students choose 3+3 because it is one year shorter. However, is the workload too much to handle? #physical-therapist #programs #college #physical-therapy #therapy

Katie’s Avatar
Katie Aug 21, 2018 473 views

Which college in the United States has the best study abroad program for an Archeology major?

#college #college-majors #programs #findingacollege #career-development

Sandra’s Avatar
Sandra Aug 14, 2018 397 views

Should I apply to more than one nursing program?

I will be finishing my prerequisites for the nursing program at my school by the Spring and I have looked into other programs with similar prerequisites. The program I am applying to only accepts 15 students every round of applications and I want to make sure I get into a program so I can...

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Aug 01, 2018 567 views

Are there any schools that have a merge program from occupational therapy to prosthetic?

Are there any schools that have a merge program from occupational therapy to prosthetic or undergraduate to a master program in prosthetic. #programs #schools #therapy #occupational-therapy #prosthetics

Kassandra’s Avatar
Kassandra Jul 16, 2018 503 views

How difficult would it be to attend college full time as well as having a internship?

Would it be wise to take on a full schedule at college as well as ha e an internship with a medical program? #internships #programs

Georgina’s Avatar
Georgina Jul 13, 2018 802 views

What to study for a potential career in either marketing or UX design?

I'm already a psychology major and 1.5 years into my program. My program requires me to declare a minor and I'm currently torn between economics and design (specifically web design/development) and these are probably the only paths I can godown if I want to graduate on time. Whilst I know...