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Career Questions tagged Nuclearmedicine

Isabel’s Avatar
Isabel Dec 16, 2022 220 views

How should I prepare myself in high school to enter in nuclear medicine programs?

I am a junior in high school wanting to get into nuclear medicine. I have only taken anatomy and physiology, no other medical classes.

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Jun 14, 2022 289 views

What path should I take to be a Nuclear medicine physician.

I wanna become a certified nuclear medicine physician

Priya’s Avatar
Priya Oct 12, 2021 260 views

What are the different educational paths for becoming a nuclear medicine technologist?

Hi, I am a high school grade who is currently in career technical training for medical assisting. I had to take a break from college but I am planning to go back to get my associates for Nuclear Medicine technology or just biotechnology in general. Some of my other interests include art,...

Dakota’s Avatar
Dakota Jan 21, 2021 491 views

Describe the activities on a typical day in your job as a nuclear medicine technologist.

I am a 9th grade student researching nuclear medicine technologist.
#technologist #nuclearmedicine #medicine

Dakota’s Avatar
Dakota Jan 20, 2021 325 views

If I were interested in pursuing a nuclear medicine career, what classes do you think I should be taking in high school?

I am a 9th grade student and I am interested in a Nuclear medicine technologist career.

#nuclearmedicine #technology #medicine

Kaela’s Avatar
Kaela Jun 24, 2020 849 views

What skills do you frequently see hiring managers look for that you have lacked either in the past, present, or something that you somewhat lack and are looking to improve upon?

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Kaela’s Avatar
Kaela May 15, 2020 642 views

How do you remind yourself that what you're doing/studying is important in the long run and let it truly sink in and motivate you?

#college #medical #radiology #nuclearmedicine #biology #organicchemistry #technician