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Describe the activities on a typical day in your job as a nuclear medicine technologist.

I am a 9th grade student researching nuclear medicine technologist.
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1 answer

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Thomas’s Answer

Here is a good article and video.

"On a daily basis, Nuclear Medicine Technologists perform quality control checks on laboratory equipment or cameras. They administer radiopharmaceuticals or radiation intravenously to detect or treat diseases, using radioisotope equipment, under direction of a physician.

A typical day for a Nuclear Medicine Technologist will also include:

Detect and map radiopharmaceuticals in patients’ bodies, using a camera to produce photographic or computer images.
Maintain and calibrate radioisotope and laboratory equipment.
Explain test procedures and safety precautions to patients and provide them with assistance during test procedures.
Record and process results of procedures.
Produce a computer-generated or film image for interpretation by a physician."