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Which gorup i will take in my higher studies for became a technologist?

I will very interested in technology and computers. it technologist

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3 answers

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Mrinal’s Answer

Hi Aadhvan,

A good way to start with technology or computer science in general is to get into a course that teaches you basics of technology / computer science. Through the course, you can learn about different areas of technology and then you can take specific courses in areas that interest you.

For example I took some general technology and programming courses in high school and then got into an undergrad degree in computer science. During this course, I learnt about different areas of technology such as mobile technology, web technology, artificial intelligence, computer networks, cybersecurity etc. During the course, I realized I was more interested in web technology and cybersecurity aspects of technology.

In order to learn more about both of those areas, I took a Masters in Computer Science course to gain experience and knowledge in cybersecurity and how it applies to mobile and web technologies. I learnt about other emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning etc.

Overall my advice is to do a little research and educate yourself about general technology and use the courses you take to explore different technology areas. Good luck with everything.

Kind Regards


Mrinal recommends the following next steps:

Research different areas of technology
Take courses that introduce to different areas of technology
Research on specialized courses that help you learn about the areas of technology that are of interest to you.
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Jai’s Answer

Hi Aadhvan,

Go with non-medical, CET/IIT entrance and pick up a right institute with BEng/BTech course of your interest.

Computing degree is ever green, it will help you as its foundation for many modern technologies. You can also look in parallel some professional accreditations e.g. most vendors like Cisco, Amazon, Microsoft, etc have their own certification programmes that are very well recognised and in demand across industry.

Whatever your interest is look for some professional certs in that field to fuel up your career and knowledge required to become a technologist of that field, and if you can back it all with some job through campus recruitment or training in the same field of your interest then you have given a great kick start to your career.

If I was you and looking to become a technologist in future, I'd go for Networks, Cloud, Cyber Security, AI & ML. Check out Alison Academy, it offers many free technology courses, it may help you decide which field you want to pursue for your career.

Hope this helps, good luck!
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Wael’s Answer

You need to tell me what kind of technology you are interested in so I would be able to answer.