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In which stream i will take in my higher studies for Technologist

I will very interested in technology and devices. it technologist

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3 answers

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Jai’s Answer

After matriculation, go for non-medical and target IIT or top institute through entrance for Btech or Beng. Once in there pick "computing or electronics". Note, better the Graduation institute better your chances to become technologist.
I'd suggest take coaching along to break IIT entrance from a reputed coaching center!
Good Luck Hari...
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To become a technologist, focus on
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Miguel’s Answer

Hi Harish,

This is a though question, and one that doesn't have a single answer. There are a lot of factors; one you should weight very heavily is what attracts you to the field. It doesn't matter what stream you choose it can get daunting to show up for work if you don't enjoy it.

It used to be that technology was very focused in either software development or hardware. And although those are definitely options, technology is now a crucial part of almost every aspect of our life, for example in healthcare or IOT/Smart Homes or fitness or in your phone. My point is that I may have made your decision a lot tougher, but you could specialize on a technologist that knows healthcare really well or banking or textiles.

Maybe if you provide a little background on what are your interests I could provide a better answer. But also I would like to mentioned that I run a podcast specifically for this purpose. To expose people to the different STEAM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math). You can find it here:

I hope this helps,