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Career Questions tagged Technologist

Stephanie M.’s Avatar
Stephanie M. Sep 18, 2021 187 views

Magnetic Resonance Imaging techs what are 3 things you wish you knew before choosing this career?

I am looking into this career path for my future. I would like to know a little bit more from an MRI tech perspective that's actually in the career filed. I am also wondering where to start? or whats good MRI school. career tech healthcare medical MagneticResonanceImagingTech science...

technicians mri technologist

Dakota K.’s Avatar
Dakota K. Jan 21, 2021 247 views

Describe the activities on a typical day in your job as a nuclear medicine technologist.

I am a 9th grade student researching nuclear medicine technologist. technologist nuclearmedicine...


Naresh S.’s Avatar
Naresh S. Jun 23, 2016 748 views
Emmeline Jeane D.’s Avatar
Emmeline Jeane D. May 18, 2016 721 views

What's a Medical technologist job description? Is there a course in the medical field I can pursue if I finish a Medical technology course?

I was accepted at Seattle University under the pre-science department since I am undecided what major to take. I'm planning to take Medical Technology but I want to work in a hospital. Can somebody give me advise as to what course is best for me? doctor nursing scientist technologist...

medicine career career-counseling hospital-and-health-care

Brianna J.’s Avatar
Brianna J. Feb 03, 2017 2392 views

What is the most difficult aspect of having a job as a Radiologic Technologist?

I am a high school senior who has been researching Radiologic Technologist as a potential career. I am interesting in learning more about potential weaknesses once becoming a Radiologic Technologist. medicine radiology technologist radiology-education medicine-imaging x-ray...


Aadhavan G.’s Avatar
Aadhavan G. Jul 09, 2016 457 views

Which gorup i will take in my higher studies for became a technologist?

I will very interested in technology and computers. it...


Aabheer mgr S.’s Avatar
Aabheer mgr S. Jul 09, 2016 646 views

which group i will take in my higher studies for archeologist?

I will very interested in history. archeology...


Harish R.’s Avatar
Harish R. Jun 22, 2016 545 views

In which stream i will take in my higher studies for Technologist

I will very interested in technology and devices. it...


Naresh S.’s Avatar
Naresh S. May 13, 2016 612 views

I want to became a technologist, need to know the path to follow

I will very interested in computer designing creating mobile applications and animations. I want to became a technologist, hence which course i have select in my higher studies to achieve my goals. technology software-engineer...


Jodie-Ann W.’s Avatar
Jodie-Ann W. May 17, 2016 481 views

What is the next big thing after touch screens?

Recently I've been seeing post and articles including pictures of holograms and devices where a touch of a fingertip is not necessary for it work. The touch screen was a big step ahead from the previous button touching but how much more can technologists push? I would like to be an innovator...

touch-screen technology technologist