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What's a Medical technologist job description? Is there a course in the medical field I can pursue if I finish a Medical technology course?

I was accepted at Seattle University under the pre-science department since I am undecided what major to take. I'm planning to take Medical Technology but I want to work in a hospital. Can somebody give me advise as to what course is best for me? doctor nursing scientist technologist -laboratory hospital-and-health-care medicine career career-counseling

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2 answers

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Patricia’s Answer

A Medical Technologist or Clinical Laboratory Scientist is the Bachelor level designation of a hospital lab Tech. It is a very difficult course of study, similar to a pre-med degree, with a long, unpaid internship also. Mine was a year! There is strong job growth for this career, as many Techs are baby boomers who will soon be retiring. You must be very dedicated to pursue this job, as there is little or no recognition or upward mobility. The pay is also low compared to the other allied heath fields. I would recommend becoming a nurse. Less school, better pay, and diverse career options are available to R.N.'s.
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Elle’s Answer

Hi, Emmeline! Here's some information re. the Medical Technologist position.

Below is a list of sample courses included in a medical technologist degree:
Physiology I and II
Anatomy I and II
Microbiology (standard and clinical)
Organic chemistry