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Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Jan 16, 2018 1797 views

What are the best P.A. schools on the west coast?

Looking for 1-2 year programs with College Algebra as highest math requirement.

#medical-education #physician-assistant #graduate-school #medicine #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care

kylie’s Avatar
kylie May 23, 2018 535 views

in what states are there mostly physicians and surgeons

what states or cities are physicians and surgeons mostly needed #surgeonsandphysicians #career

Angela’s Avatar
Angela May 25, 2018 736 views

What can I do now that I am in college to get ahead in the medical field?

I am thinking about studying medicine. I am really interested in being a physician or an orthodontist. I would like to know of any programs online or available in person to get more knowledge of the field. I want to be sure of what I want to study before I start college. #doctor #field...

Immaculate’s Avatar
Immaculate Sep 01, 2017 1143 views

How do you stay focused and organized in nursing school?

I am a current nursing student. It can be difficult sometimes to manage my time well when it comes to my studies, family, friends, etc. I am looking for tips to manage everything well and still maintain my sanity. Thanks! #nursingschool #nurse #nursing #healthcare #nursing-education...

Sundus’s Avatar
Sundus Jan 18, 2018 606 views

What are the main differences between a nurse with a PhD and a physician ?

I’ve always wanted to become a Doctor, lately my mind fluctuates between the three. #RN #Medicine #physician

Thi’s Avatar
Thi Jan 21, 2018 808 views

What does a physician assistant do?

I recently spoke to a physician assistant student and she told me physician assistants are essentially doctors without the title, the salary, and surgery. I want to know more about physician assistants and what they actually do in the workforce.

#Medicine #physician-assistant

Chase’s Avatar
Chase May 20, 2016 922 views

What would be the best space study program in college?

To go to a college that matches my interest. #science #physician #physics #scientist #astronomy #astrophysics #science-phd

Nikita’s Avatar
Nikita May 24, 2016 777 views

Is it best, when pursuing a nursing degree, to go to a university or community college?

I plan on attending a community college, and major in nursing, looking to see which path would be better for me community college nursing program or university nursing school. #nursing #nursing-schools

Mireia’s Avatar
Mireia Dec 13, 2017 1217 views

What are some tips for passing nursing examinations?

#nursing-schools #nursing #registered-nurses #registered-nursing #nurse-practitioner #nursing-education

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina May 17, 2016 796 views

What subjects should I take in high school to prepare me for a nursing career?

I want to get as much of a head start as possible before going to college. I would really appreciate any suggestions anyone has! #college #nursing #high-school

Kosovare’s Avatar
Kosovare Nov 03, 2017 1121 views

What does a typical day look like for a Neonatologist and Gynecologist?

I want to be a Neonatologist or a Gynecologist and I want to know what their day looks like and if they have time outside of the hospital. #medicine #medical-field #hospital-and-health-care

Emmeline Jeane’s Avatar
Emmeline Jeane May 18, 2016 1375 views

What's a Medical technologist job description? Is there a course in the medical field I can pursue if I finish a Medical technology course?

I was accepted at Seattle University under the pre-science department since I am undecided what major to take. I'm planning to take Medical Technology but I want to work in a hospital. Can somebody give me advise as to what course is best for me? #doctor #nursing #scientist #technologist...

Clare’s Avatar
Clare May 24, 2017 935 views

If I want to be a sterile processing tech, where should I begin?

I am interested in health care, but don't have the time, or grades, to do a Nursing Program. #nurse #tech #hospital-and-health-care #processing #sterile #career-details

Trenidy’s Avatar
Trenidy May 22, 2017 990 views

What physical and mental pain does a social worker develop?

I'm asking because i am doing research on a social worker because i want to be one. #psychology #career-details #social-work #phycologists

Kara’s Avatar
Kara May 27, 2016 1000 views

is it possible to get hired by a hospital?

I'm interested in working in a hospital; what jobs are available to me? #doctor #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care #obstetrics