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What are some tips for passing nursing examinations?

Asked Houston, Texas

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Cynthia’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas

1) Take good notes

2) Form a study group

3) Make note cards

4) Take the note cards with you wherever you go. Repetition aids in memorization

5) Get plenty of rest the night before a test. Don’t cram!

6) Eat a good breakfast

7) Choose your answers wisely. Nursing exams are tricky & typically have several right answers. The BEST right answer always keeps the patient safe.

Laura’s Answer

Hi, Mireia! I'm going to assume you're not referring to the NCLEX-RN exam but nursing school tests. Here's the deal - hone in on your critical thinking skills and focus on application. To be a good clinician- you must know how to apply what you're learning. Yes, you will have tests that encourage memorization of terms. Here you want to utilize good-old-fashion flash cards AND learn the terms don't just memorize. If you are struggling in an area, Google is your best friend. Search online for resources, examples, etc. that will augment your studies. Last, join the National Student Nurses' Association. #nursing #nursingstudent #nursingschool #nurseexams Best of luck!!

Cristina’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

I found it helpful to always ask myself: what is the most important thing to know out of everything I’m studying and how to maintain patient safety. If I can’t answer those questions then I need to change the way I’m studying. I hope that makes sense.

Karen’s Answer

Updated Chicago, Illinois

Review the objectives from the chapters, Its usually some of the primary information that you need to learn. Use critical thinking, and learn how to rule out the wrong answers. Do not memorize , learn the actual process of nursing . Review test taking strategies this will come in handy. Learn what time of learner you are, are you more of a auditory, visual or a person that has to write things down to process them. I learned that I processed information by hearing the info, so I used my phone and a tape recorder and spoke out loud when studying. Good Luck.