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What can I do now that I am in college to get ahead in the medical field?

Updated Taylorsville, Utah

I am thinking about studying medicine. I am really interested in being a physician or an orthodontist. I would like to know of any programs online or available in person to get more knowledge of the field. I want to be sure of what I want to study before I start college. #doctor #field #medicine #college #physician #orthodontist #medical-field

2 answers

Laura’s Answer


Hi, Angela. The best thing you can do to learn if this is truly the field for you is go to your university counseling center and find some internships. If you're connected to the community where you go to school then look for some personal referrals. Sometimes you can shadow clinicians. I would recommend spending time in each setting of interest. Exposure is always a great place to start. Best of luck to you!!

Laura recommends the following next steps:

  • University guidance center.
  • Tap into personal referrals.
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Wendy’s Answer

Take your time. Medicine will be all encompassing at some point if you choose to pursue the field. I recommend finding someone in a field you might be interested in -a female if possible and interview them and shadow them. I think it would make sense to look at both dentistry and medicine as the educational paths are different. I would also recommend volunteering as it may define your interests and allow you to meet various people to talk about your interests. Best of luck-
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