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Giona’s Avatar
Giona May 16, 2016 819 views

What are some important classes to take in college for a medical career?

I want to know what classes are important to take in an undergrad school for someone going into medical school afterwards. What classes make the biggest impact. #medicine #psychology #psychiatry

Joshua Joseph’s Avatar
Joshua Joseph May 17, 2016 2744 views

Are you happy with your career?

Given the direction in which our world is transitioning today, from technology transforming into a ubiquitous necessity, how has that idea impacted your decision into going into that career? What intrinsic motivation gives you the drive to continue your choice of going that path? What do you...

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth May 17, 2016 1067 views

How hard is it to become a dermatologist?

It's my dream to specialize in Dermatology #medicine #dermatology

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth May 17, 2016 650 views

What are some requirements needed in order to become a Dermatologist?

I want to become a dermatologist #medicine #dermatology

Diara’s Avatar
Diara May 18, 2016 680 views

How do college students balance greek life and their studies, especially when studying to be a doctor?

I am a Bio major and I am interested in joining a sorority. #medicine #sorority #fraternity

Jackie’s Avatar
Jackie May 18, 2016 646 views

Can you raise a family and still be a surgeon?

I've heard that it's difficult to be a mother and still hold down a full time job, is this true? #medicine

Maddie’s Avatar
Maddie May 18, 2016 657 views

How many years of school does it take to become a doctor?

I am interested in pursuing a career in the medical field. #medicine #hospital

Anders’s Avatar
Anders May 19, 2016 624 views

What extracurricular experiences (beyond academics) do you believe were most beneficial in helping you prepare for and enter medical school?

I plan to apply for medical schools within the next 2 years and am curious as to what has been most helpful for others (in their personal opinion) to gain acceptance. I often hear that while grades and honors are important, there are many other things that admissions committees look for in an...

Marissa’s Avatar
Marissa May 19, 2016 1592 views

Do doctors have time for travel?

I'm considering becoming a doctor. I feel like it would be a good fit,but I'm also worried that there is not much time for other things I enjoy.I really enjoy traveling and the other career I'm considering would actually require it. How much time for hobbies such as grave would you say a doctor...

yenifer’s Avatar
yenifer May 19, 2016 671 views

What is a good university to attend so I can study medical school?

I'm asking this question because I want to become a doctor! #college #doctor #medicine

Shama’s Avatar
Shama May 20, 2016 700 views

Any advice for pre-premedical students?

Hi, I'm a sophomore in high school, and I was wondering if any premed/ medical students/ physicians have any advice for a student in high school, that wants to become a doctor, that may help in my medical future. #medicine #career-path #doctorate-degree #motivation

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha May 22, 2016 774 views

Did you ever doubt your ability to become a doctor?

I've always dreamed of being a doctor, I have been working towards this goal for many years now. But, now that I am getting closer to the goal, it feels like it is slipping farther and farther away. So, I was just wondering, have there been similar doubts in the minds of current doctors? If so,...

sam’s Avatar
sam May 23, 2016 660 views

Do medical schools look largely at what school you went to for undergraduate studies?

I wish to be a doctor and would like to know if I should worry about the "national ranking" of the school. #medicine

John’s Avatar
John May 24, 2016 761 views

Can anyone tell me a day in the life of a orthopedic surgeon?

I want to become a orthopedic surgeon and was just curious what a day to day schedule looked like! Thank you #medicine #orthopedics

Omar’s Avatar
Omar May 24, 2016 681 views

How many years will it take me to become a specialized Doctor, such as eye doctor or surgeon?

I am asking this question because I will be applying to college soon and I'm highly interested in pursuing a medical career. #doctor #science #medicine #surgery #doctorate-degree