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Mitra D. Aug 06, 2015 1503 views
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Angelo M. Mar 08, 2014 981 views

When applying to a research school, what would be best to highlight throughout my college application?

I am currently a high school junior, I will go to college to study Chemical Engineering. I understand research is important to highlight, but other than that, what would show schools like MIT, GA Tech, and Cal Tech that I am prepared to attend their institution? #college #engineering #chemistry...

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Test D. Feb 17, 2015 816 views

When applying to colleges should I submit my resume, even if they do not require or ask for it?

I am a junior in high school currently working on updating my resume to reflect my academic and extracurricular activities/achievements. Since creating a resume is time-consuming, I thought it may be worthwhile to send to colleges so they will have a good idea of who I am as a student....

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Melissa S. Apr 28, 2014 1361 views

What job applications are better to use

I'm just currious if applying online is better than a hand written application #job #application...


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Julie M. Apr 14, 2014 812 views

When applying to a college with an art major, what would make an appealing portfolio?

I want to go to a college with a major along the art subject, but I don't actually know what kind of art would colleges be looking for (whether the work should be realistic or not). I would like some tips to help me build up my portfolio, although there could be some colleges that don't require...

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Julie M. Apr 09, 2014 1777 views

How do SAT and ACT scores influence how people look at you through application?

I normally do well in school in terms of my own courses and earned high grades for those courses, but I'm not a strong standardized test-taker. I'm afraid that if colleges look at my SAT and ACT scores, I might not get accepted to a very selective college. #college...