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Career Questions tagged Speech Language Pathology

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Madi May 25, 2022 195 views

Where should I go to College?

Hi! I'm a 13 year old middle school student in San Diego. Today in history we were talking about college and it got me thinking. I want to go to a good school,but I'm not sure where. I want to major in traveling and linguistics. I would love to be able to travel the world as it had always been...

Lindsey’s Avatar
Lindsey Jun 25, 2018 514 views

Is obtaining your undergraduate degree in speech and language pathology required to get your masters and become a speech pathologist?

I am approaching my senior year of college majoring in family studies and human development and I recently discovered my interest in speech and language pathology and I'm interested in getting my masters in order to become a speech and language pathologist but I was wondering if I need to have...

Alishondra’s Avatar
Alishondra May 12, 2018 344 views

What are the top schools to apply to in order to be a speech pathology major?

I was most likely going to apply to Arizona Sate University, but then I started considering what other schools could possibly be a better fit.
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Alishondra’s Avatar
Alishondra May 12, 2018 445 views

How much schooling will I need to be a Speech Pathologist/Therapist?

I need to know how much scholarship money I will need to raise in order to lessen student loan debts.
#speech-language-pathology #speech-therapy #speech-language-pathologist #speech-pathology

Alishondra’s Avatar
Alishondra May 12, 2018 474 views

What is the average pay of a Speech Therapist?

I need to know if it will be sufficient enough to support my future family.
#speech-language-pathology #speech-therapy #speech-pathology #speech-therapist

Alishondra’s Avatar
Alishondra May 12, 2018 580 views

What is the typical work day of a Speech Therapist working at an elementary school entail?

I am interested in going to college for Speech Pathology and working at a local elementary school. I need to know what a typical day's work will contain
#speech-language-pathology #speech-therapy #speech-pathology #speech-therapist

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Anued Apr 24, 2018 444 views

How do you pick the right major for yourself?

I've been debating for the longest time whether to do Speech Pathology, Natural Sciences, or do Pre-Med. I'm interested in all of them to the same extent, but am not sure how to choose one #medicine #speech-language-pathology #science #choosing-a-major

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Rebecca Apr 09, 2018 366 views

Is nursing a worthwhile career?

I'm debating between career choices, and I can't decide between nursing and speech pathology. #nursing #speech-language-pathology

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Megan Apr 06, 2018 468 views

In a clinical setting, how many patients does a speech therapist treat daily?

I am curious as to know how busy I will be during work hours. I know that reports are to be updated after each appointment. How long does it take to update your patient's documents? #speech-language-pathology #speech-pathology #speech-language-pathologist #speech-language

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Megan Apr 06, 2018 482 views

How much money (one average) does a speech therapist make?

I am trying to figure out how much money I will make after I earn my Master's Degree. Will I struggle to pay off my student loans? #speech-language-pathology #speech-therapy #speech-pathologist

Megan’s Avatar
Megan Mar 16, 2018 405 views

What are the pros and cons of using your Speech and Language Pathology degree in a school setting compared to a clinical setting?

I'm trying to figure out if I want to be a Speech Therapist in a school or work with patients in a Doctor's Office / Therapy Clinic.

#speech-language-pathology #speech-language-pathologist #speech-therapy #speech-therapist #audiology

Megan’s Avatar
Megan Mar 16, 2018 475 views

What are the most difficult challenges in obtaining a degree in Speech and Language Pathology?

I'm planning to major in Communicative Disorders / Speech and Language Pathology. I hear it is pretty difficult to achieve. Is that true? If so, why?

#speech-language-pathology #speech-language-pathologist #speech-pathology #Communication-Disorders #Communicative-Disorders

Lainey’s Avatar
Lainey Jan 16, 2018 600 views

What is the job demand for a speech pathology degree?

If I obtain a degree in speech-language-pathology, what are the job demands for this field of study? #speech-language-pathology #college-jobs #speech-pathology #psychology

Miranda’s Avatar
Miranda Jan 05, 2018 1661 views

How can I be an SLP that incorporates ASL in my practice?

Hi there! I've studied ASL all through high school and college (I'm a senior in college now), originally double majoring in ASL and speech pathology - now just majoring in SLP and minoring in ASL. I desperately want to incorporate ASL into being an SLP, but I've had professors tell me it's...

Bianca’s Avatar
Bianca Apr 13, 2017 842 views

What is the starting salary for a speech pathologist?

I am a junior studying biology in the Boston area, and would like to move on to get my masters in speech pathology. What is the starting pay in my area? #speech-pathology #speech #speech-therapy #speech-language-pathology #financial-planning

Bianca’s Avatar
Bianca Apr 13, 2017 678 views

What schools in my area offer a degree in speech therapy?

I am currently a junior at a school in North Andover, Mass. studying Biology. I would like to move on and get my masters in speech therapy, but I am having a hard time finding schools that offer it. #speech-pathology #speech-language #speech-therapy #speech-language-pathology #speech-pathologist