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Marie E. Aug 24, 2020 144 views

what is it like to talk to a deaf person as a speech-language pathologist?

I was learning how to do sign language and i was just wondering how like the deaf and blind person understand it #supportthedeafandblind #speech-therapy #speech #asl #slp...


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Casey N. Aug 27, 2018 236 views

What business companies need ASL interpreters?

I am in school for a double major, in Business administration and American Sign Language. I need to find a job in business that has a need for an ASL interpreter. I really enjoy sign language and want to make that my primary job in the future. I also really enjoy business and personal finance....

#interpreter #business #asl

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Miranda C. Jan 05, 2018 608 views

How can I be an SLP that incorporates ASL in my practice?

Hi there! I've studied ASL all through high school and college (I'm a senior in college now), originally double majoring in ASL and speech pathology - now just majoring in SLP and minoring in ASL. I desperately want to incorporate ASL into being an SLP, but I've had professors tell me it's...

#asl #slp #speech-language-pathology #american-sign-language

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Paige C. Oct 13, 2016 748 views

Is it challenging to find a job in deaf education?

I am currently really interested in ASL studies and am looking into minoring in American-Sign Language in college along with a major in something in Health Science. I do not know much sign-language yet, but it's never too late to learn! I am just curious how hard it would be to find job...

#college-major #academic-advising #deaf #health-science #education #college-minor #asl

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Kendall R. May 26, 2016 546 views

How can I get college assistance and a plan?

I know what I would like to study and pursue, I just have no idea in what the first step to getting there is. #college #management #advice #language #planning #support...


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Kendall R. May 26, 2016 685 views

How do I get to the career of my dreams?

I have no idea what it takes to get a degree in ASL and where to go from there. I am not even sure about colleges. I am kind of in a rut as my senior year is about to begin I see what my dream is but I can't quiet navigate the route. #career-paths #help #college-advice #asl...


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Alyssa J. May 18, 2016 424 views

What has been the most impactful aspect of being able to interpret American Sign Language?

I want to get into sign language interpreting in the future. I've always believed that simply having a job for the sake of money is boring and useless so I'd like to know how having this job has impacted individuals personally....