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What business companies need ASL interpreters?

I am in school for a double major, in Business administration and American Sign Language. I need to find a job in business that has a need for an ASL interpreter. I really enjoy sign language and want to make that my primary job in the future. I also really enjoy business and personal finance. please let me know what you would recommend that I do to incorporate both of my majors. Thank you. #asl #business #interpreter

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2 answers

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Troy’s Answer

Good day, Casey,

There are many companies that are noticing the importance of ASL interpreters as many workplaces become more inclusive. For searching right now I would look into non profits, universities, schools, and companies that place importance on hiring individuals with disabilities. As you discover them you will notice how in demand your skill is that you are gaining. You're doing something great, and I hope you have a lot of fun with it, and am certain you'll have a bright future!


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Dr. Chiquita’s Answer

Hello, Any job that has any public environment, specialty educators, and so on. There are many job opportunities in this field.