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Prithvi A. Mar 13, 2014 1701 views

Is business school a good choice to attend after college?

I plan to major in Econ or Finance and hopefully work on Wall St. one day. Is it worth paying for additional education to get my MBA or is going straight into the work force a good choice? #business #finance #education #higher-education...


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Desarae C. Jan 09, 2015 8443 views

I'm graduating from college in a few months with a 2.6 GPA in Bachelor of Arts in Biology. I've decided to try to go to Nursing School at this point. What should I do to increase my chances of getting in? Is it likely that I would be accepted?

When I graduated from high school I set my goal to go into dentistry. Throughout my undergraduate years I've struggled with keeping my grades up. The main reason why is because after seeing how much I struggled with just passing my first semester of college, I immediately started doubting that...

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Student Voices by CV .. Nov 11, 2015 7035 views

What is The Common Application and what are some advantages and disadvantages of using it to apply to college?

This question was asked by Derek from Oklahoma. He's a sophomore in high school who wants to go to college, so he's beginning his research to better understand his options and how to apply. #university #higher-education...


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Anina H. Apr 29, 2016 843 views

Will pursing a Masters, Professional, or Doctorates degree guarantee job security? Does it matter what you get the graduate degree in?

Hi! My name is Anina and I'm a high school senior interning at CareerVillage. I've started talking to my friends and classmates about graduate school, and the costs/benefits of getting a higher degree. In your opinion, do the benefits outweigh the costs? Does having a higher degree give you...

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Kent S. May 13, 2016 961 views

Is Education or Experience More Important for a Career in the Theme Park Industry?

My dream career is to manage and operate a Theme Park. Although I am well aware that this will require some work in existing amusement park contexts, I am uncertain whether it would be best to first attend four years of college and graduate with a business management degree in hospitality...

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Shirley W. May 18, 2016 705 views

Am I more likely to be successful if I attend college?

I ask this because I feel like whatever I major in, I'll have a hard time finding a job. #college #psychology...


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Brittani C. May 18, 2016 455 views

What are the best organizations to be affiliated with?

I am asking this question to get an idea of how to get involved....


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Ellise S. May 24, 2016 1150 views

What advice would you provide a para-professional that is looking to enter the field of Higher Education Student Affairs with an interest to become a university Provost?

I am looking into obtaining my Master's of Higher Education Student Affairs and currently serve as a College Advisor. My long term goals include becoming a motivational speaker for higher education and working with students who are in that transitional part of high school and college. I would...

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Alisha S. Jul 04, 2016 936 views

What does a Masters in Education Management entail?

What is the Master all about and what career options do I have upon graduation? #career #education #higher-education #masters...


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Perry A. Jul 17, 2016 624 views

When choosing colleges, should ranking be valued over opportunities and experiences.

I am currently in the process of applying to colleges, and will probably be studying business. Within business school rankings, RI am seriously considering two schools. However, business, in my opinion, is a very experience-based subject. I believe that despite your education quality and level,...

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Liana S. Sep 05, 2016 773 views

Is it true that balancing wisdom and knowledge really contributes to a strong character?

I read an article on Forbes called "Why Most People Will Never Achieve The American Dream" and the writer mentioned that many leaders "don't balance knowledge (the head) and wisdom (the heart)." And it's not just what you know it's what you DO with what you know. #business #management...

#public-relations #entrepreneurship

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Liana S. Sep 05, 2016 1299 views

Is metacognition and right brain learning starting to revolutionize the way we think about learning and how we teach kids in school?

Sometimes I wonder if schools tend to favor left-brain dominant children. I think through images, I like theories, I'm intuitive, and I have no sense of time. (But I'm time sensitive). #psychology #education...


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Briana P. Sep 07, 2016 683 views

What is the most important factor when looking into a buying a laptop for school?

My name is Briana, and I am currently a freshman in college. Throughout the summer, I had received a check for a local scholarship and am very thankful. With this money, I had planned to spend more than I currently had on textbooks. As I had spent most of y middle and high school career with a...

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Emily E. Oct 20, 2016 3308 views