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How can I gain work experience when I am unemployed?

Hello, I am a student attending community college and I am interested in getting a part-time job while I am attending school but, unfortunately, I do not have allot of work related experience. My dilemma is that I need more experience to get a job but I can not get any experience because I do not have a job. Are there any means of gaining work experience outside of a job that I am not taking advantage of? If so, please let me know.

I would greatly appreciate any help you could provide me with. #career #job-search #college-jobs #community-college #work-experience #part-time-job #unemployment #gaining-experience

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3 answers

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Srinivas’s Answer

Most of the organizations prefer people who have experience in the Domain area of the opening they are looking for. As a fresher if you are finding difficulty in finding a Job in the domain area of your interest, I would suggest door knocking exercise. Reach out to Various companies in domain you are looking for and talk to the HR's Convince them for an Internship (Atleast Unpaid internship) to gain an experience and also and experience certificate. This should help to gain an interview call.

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Troy’s Answer

Good day,

Congrats you are ready to select an incredible part time job.

By having a nice dress outfit for interviews, a nice resume, and a positive attitude you will be picked up.

Since this will be your first part time job you have the world as your oyster as to what places you may want to offer your help. Apply to as many places that interest you and your results will be good. Places that are very useful to search:
-local sources/websites/walking around help wanted
-talking with your friends, family members, teachers
-searching the college for jobs available
-networking with different departments at college
-seeing what places are local
-applying where you could see yourself having purpose!

You will do incredible, my best and enjoy your Wednesday!


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Gary’s Answer

Good question, you can volunteer...this will help you gain experience for your application or resume, it can help people or an organization and make you feel good as well. You can also start your own business, it does not have to be a big business or cost a lot to start... you could do part time side jobs like mowing lawns, moving furniture, deliveries, etc.
Good luck!

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