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Asaundra Aug 31, 2023 502 views

Business Management & Personal Life

How did a career in business management affect your personal life?

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Aug 03, 2023 577 views

How can I possibly challenge my self?

“What” are some other career similar in business.” “Would”I be able to go to college.”how would I know in some point in life what I want to do or what would make me benefit my self.

Ellie’s Avatar
Ellie Jul 31, 2023 489 views

why is it so essential to get so much education for a good job in the US?

We were talking about the different classes of people in the US in class the other day and it was made aware to me how much education people had to get/pay for in order to really pay enough for essentials in life in the US. People with higher education get the better jobs that pay more and...

Jeremy’s Avatar
Jeremy Jul 30, 2023 468 views

How can I become a part of the Information Technology World?

How can I develop my knowledge of information technology with a concentration in software development and analysis? I'm willing to learn with great listening skills and Adept learning skills. Enrolled at American InterContinental University for my Bachelor's Degree in Science of Information...

Cassius’s Avatar
Cassius Jul 20, 2023 1045 views

What is your most valuable soft skill?

Entrepreneurs, what is your most valuable soft skill?

Charlize’s Avatar
Charlize Jul 04, 2023 268 views

How to get experience in the field I’m interested in like business ?

Favorite class - English and history

Dahrien’s Avatar
Dahrien Jun 21, 2023 504 views

As a future HR professional, what emerging trends or technologies should I be aware of and actively engage with to stay competitive in the industry and provide value to organizations?

3rd-year student at CSU San Bernardino

Major: Business Administration - Human Resources

I work as a student assistant for the student success center at the university

Daymine’s Avatar
Daymine Jun 21, 2023 627 views

What are some career paths that would combine my two interests and what would the day to day work look like?

I am a rising Junior with an interest in Business and Technology. I major in Business Analytics with a minor in Computer Science. What are some career paths that would combine my two interests and what would the day to day work look like?

Livia’s Avatar
Livia Jun 15, 2023 452 views

Small business owners- how do you not overwork yourself?

How is it possible to start and run a successful small business without working 24/7?

Blessing’s Avatar
Blessing Jun 13, 2023 516 views

What is the likelihood that a career in Data Science will still be relevant in the next 15years?

I am a graduate student studying Business Intelligence and Cybersecurity. I recently developed an interest in Data Science. What steps do I need to take to become a successful data scientist, what is a typical day in the life of a data scientist and lastly is there a likelihood that a career in...

Brenda’s Avatar
Brenda Jun 10, 2023 1048 views

What are some important experiences or lessons you've learned from your own careers that could be helpful for others to know?

What specific skills or knowledge have those experiences taught you? Have they shaped you into the person you are today, and how? This can be a wide range of experiences/lessons such as learning how to balance work and life or how to overcome setbacks. I am currently planning on going into the...

Chiara’s Avatar
Chiara Jun 12, 2023 663 views

What are the top 3 best industries within IT?

Hi! I'm looking to enter IT. I want to know the best sectors or industries to work in. By industries, I mean the following areas that use information technology: - Cybersecurity - Military - Healthcare - Business - Government - Manufacturing - Oil & Gas - Advertising / Apps (i.e: FAANG...

Laura’s Avatar
Laura Jun 12, 2023 307 views

how do i know What careeer path i should Choose given that there are many options?

i have A lot of options for careers

Ayesha’s Avatar
Ayesha Jun 09, 2023 827 views

How to be a leader without experience?

How to develop and demonstrate leadership skills?

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Savannah Jun 01, 2023 4553 views

What degree do I need to become I physical therapist, and hopefully to own my own practice?

I would like to work with sports teams or at another person’s practice, and then open up my own practice once I get the funds and experience necessary to do so! Also how can I build connections that will help me achieve my goals with this? What majors/minors should I look at/choose? And, do...