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TerrellCodman3 . Jan 25, 2012 2156 views
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Norma C. Mar 04, 2014 1304 views

Have you ever felt lost when considering what career path to take?

Did you already know what career you wanted to pursue at an early point in your life, or it take time? How long did it take? How did you know you wanted the career you currently have an how did you come across knowing? #career #career-paths...


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Rob J. Mar 14, 2014 1827 views

Why do people drop out of law school, and what keeps someone motivated?

Im in junior in high school and I have always wanted to become a lawyer, but I am constantly meeting people who dropped out of law school which is making me wonder if law will be a part of my future. #law #government #lawyers...


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Nicole V. Apr 01, 2014 951 views

what are the positives and negatives of having a field as any type of social work?

Im not completely sure which field im most interested in, but i do know i want to pursue a career in social working. #social-work...


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Stephanie T. May 06, 2014 3450 views

What are the pros and cons of being a Real Estate Agent?

I'm a sophomore in high school and when i have questions about being a Real Estate Agent some say that being one is very difficult. I know there are pros and cons of every job but when i ask people about this one in particular they say things about how you need to be in a relationship where...

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Ram L. Jun 14, 2014 5228 views

Electronics and Communication engineering OR Computer engineering?

Seriously confused on what major to choose :/ I'm not able to decide which should I choose, please help asap. #information-technology...


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Dhakiya H. Dec 01, 2014 988 views

What majors would I need to study in college in order to become a zoologist?

I'm a Junior in Boston Collegiate Charter School and I am wondering what majors would I specifically have to study in college in order to be best prepared for the career in which I am striving for which so happens to be zoology. #college...


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Jessica C. Dec 02, 2014 764 views

what kind of degrees do you have to have in order to be a c.p.s ( child pret. services)

i always wanted a job dealing with social service. I have always been thinking about joing the c.p.s since 5th grade. this has always been my #1 choice. #social...


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Esmeralda V. Dec 05, 2014 1001 views

How long does it take to be a doctor

I ask this because I want to be a doctor and I want to know how long it takes. #doctor #nurse #dentistry #surgeon...


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Shawn H. Dec 17, 2014 1374 views

What is a good language to know/learn when looking to become a translator?

I am a senior in high school and I have been learning German and Japanese but I am having a hard time deciding what language I should start with that would benefit me most in my career plans. I have heard certain languages are in demand but I am not sure if i should learn them since they are...

#french #japanese #translation #german #language

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Matt G. Jan 06, 2015 3579 views

What benefits come with being a carpenter?

I like working with my hands,I'm also a good problem solver, is this a good career for...

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Amara O. Jan 20, 2015 28641 views
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Jordan P. Jan 21, 2015 1727 views

What does a sports agent do on a day to day basis?

I am a junior at Boston Collegiate Charter School and I have loved sports all my life. At one point, I wanted to be a professional football player, but I am currently at a school where football does not exist. Therefore, my dream of becoming a professional football quickly died. I started to...

#sports-agent #sports #sports-management

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Jordan P. Jan 21, 2015 1961 views

As a sports agent, How do you approach a potential client?

Like what is the best way to approach a potential client? And how long is the process when you first meet a client to signing the...

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Shubham B. Jan 24, 2015 1954 views

I want to work in EA Games as a game developer engineer so what should I do next

I am a student of computer science and engineering(bachelor's degree ), computer is my passion and gaming is my hobby, I am good in c,c++ and Java language also I have experience in developing computer desktop app and android app for college projects #animation #game-design #game-development...