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What classes should i pay attention the most in to become a interior designer/decorator?

I am in grade 10 from home this year no parents no help from my outreach school just the internet to help me and its a lot harder than i thought it would be i wanted to try to get grades 10 and 11 done this year and then i got told because of something that happened after school hours i had to do everything at home and on my own. So i fell behind in grade 10 and will have to continue it next year at a new school anyways since i have no help other than the internet i was wondering what classes i should focus on the most to be an interior designer/decorator. I looked into what colleges offer and theres kitchen and bathroom or bedrooms and other rooms and i want to do it all i want to make each room in a house a show room i want to do magic with fabrics and unique furniture. So i would like to know how high my marks should be and what high school classes are the most important #design #interior-decorating #colors #home-improvement #intirior

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