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Career Questions tagged Work Study

Kayleigh K.’s Avatar
Kayleigh K. Aug 20, 2018 314 views

Is it hard to do work-study in freshman year?

Especially as a student athlete I'm wondering if I'll really have much time aside from classes, practice, and work. #work #athlete #work-study...


Tatiana R.’s Avatar
Tatiana R. Mar 14, 2018 335 views

What year to most people start work-study programs under an architecture degree?

I want to know if I would be able to reasonably pay for (i.e. half of tuition at average price college) and live off of a work-study program while in college. Also would I be able to do this starting my first year in college (I don't have my AA yet so I would be studying for that my first...

#college-advice #associatesdegree #work #tuition #architect #work-study #architecture

Joseph S.’s Avatar
Joseph S. Jan 23, 2018 360 views

How do you apply for Federal Work Study

I am very interested in applying for Federal Work Study to help pay for college, but I don't really know anything about it. #work-study #federal-work-study...


Morgan D.’s Avatar
Morgan D. Mar 06, 2017 827 views

What strategies help to balance school and a part time job in college?

I am a high school student who will be going to college soon. Depending on where I go, I may need a part time job to afford tuition and living expenses. Past or present working undergraduates, how hard has it been to balance school with work and what are some strategies that would make life...

#college #work-study #time-management #happiness

Nada D.’s Avatar
Nada D. Dec 21, 2016 593 views

Can someone explain federal work study for me? Also can they elaborate on which universities offer this option.

I've heard the term mentioned briefly in passing and I wanted to understand what it means exactly and how this can benefit me. It would also be wonderful if someone could provide a list of universities that support federal work study or work study in general. #university #financial-aid...

#work-study #federal-work-study