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How do you apply for Federal Work Study

I am very interested in applying for Federal Work Study to help pay for college, but I don't really know anything about it.

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3 answers

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Jonathan’s Answer

When completing your FAFSA make sure to indicate you are interested in Federal Work Study. Next contact your family manically aid department for a listing of available jobs and necessary paperwork work. They will most likely have you complete an I-9 form which requires two valid ID’s (such as Driver license and birth certificate or US passport).
Job listings should have a contacting manager. Give them a call let them know you are interested to setup an appointment. If they give you the ok they should have next steps or redirect you back to financial aid office or student employment office.
Ultimately the financial aid office will handle the award and update your award letter if approved. Paychecks and scheduling will most likely be handled from other departments. I always suggest starting in the Financial Aid office or their website for more information.

Jonathan recommends the following next steps:

Ask them about Federal Work Study
They should give you paperwork or direct you on next steps
Review available jobs and contact ones interested in
Follow up with financial aid office for next steps

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Oscar’s Answer

first you need to submit a Free Application for federal financial aid. Work study is based on need. Make sure you answer yes to work study on the applicantion. The college will usually consider you for work study if you qualify.

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Kari’s Answer

If you did not select on your FAFSA that you would like Work Study, a Financial Aid Administrator at your College should be able to review your Need to see if you have room in your budget to be awarded a Work Study award.