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RACH A. Aug 30, 2020 111 views

I'm looking to ED to NYU, will there be a greater financial aid package in ED or RD?

I was born in New york but currently live in Nepal. Since NYU is so expensive, and my household income is around $40,000 a year, how much do you think their aid will be if I ED this year? I live in Nepal so i really have no idea about scholarship programes that i could apply to to afford NYU,...

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Nancy O. Apr 20, 2020 587 views

What company is doing remotely work?

I'm a college student and I work in school, even though they don't pay me that good. It enough to buy some snacks and it helps me pay some part of my tuition. Since my University shutdown and we're doing online classes, I can't afford to pay the rest of my fall semester class. I'm looking for...

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Kevon W. Sep 25, 2018 397 views

Tuition Cost

Should I limit my college choices based on tuition? #financial-aid #tuition #college...


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Dennis M. Oct 12, 2018 357 views

Does retaking the ACT/SAT really matter when applying for college?

If my scores were low, can I really make a difference in my score? enough that I can increase my chances of receiving scholarship and grant awards to help with the cost of college? #college #tuition #scholarship #grant #cost #accept #win #usa #graduate #financial-aid #college-admissions...


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Niya C. Aug 30, 2018 209 views

How did you manage college tuition

What are your tips for going through college with as little to no debt possible?...


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Naomi Z. Aug 28, 2018 199 views

How do I get my four years at my local college paid for?

I am still confused in how students get their whole 4 years paid for. I know you need to have good grades and everything but what is that one quality that a university might choose you for this opportunity? #tuition...


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Kiara S. Aug 16, 2018 275 views

Is a Double Major worth it?

My main major is International Business, but I am looking at my out of state tuition (WOW) and questioning if I should drop my second major due to the extra credits it requires. French Studies would likely help my career, but will future employers actually care if I have a double major?...

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Trang N. Aug 14, 2018 199 views

How to get scholarship when you have a bad grades?

Last year was not my best year. I am lacking in both study and focus. Now those grades and tuition dropped because I did not try my best. This is what I deserved and I am worried that I cannot get the most scholarship and grant from states because of my poor grade....


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Julia A. Aug 12, 2018 220 views

Should I apply to a school that barely offers scholarship? Even if I have a decent change of getting in?

Rhode Island School of Design is one of my top schools that I'd like to attend. However, as they are a top art school of the country, they don't offer merit scholarships at all, only financial ones. Should I still apply anyway? I feel like I have a good chance of getting in, just not sure if I...

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David M. Mar 16, 2018 366 views

What are the creative methods people used to pay for college?

I'm wondering how people were able to pay for college. As a rising college freshmen, I'm anxious about how to pay for my own college tuition. And I desperately want to figure out a way for me to attend college without burdening my parents or myself. I already know about scholarships and...

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Aubrey L. Apr 17, 2018 214 views

How many scholarships would I have to apply to in order to win enough money to cover their entire tuition?

Over the course of the past month I have applied to a lot more scholarships the. I ever thought I would, and I have started looking at the odds of me getting a scholarship being 1 of a hundred on average meaning if I wanted to pay of my tuition that would mean applying to say around 100...

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John G. May 25, 2018 311 views

Does it make sense to borrow money without getting a student loan?

The financial aid package for my graduate program includes only direct unsubsidized graduate loans. These loans have high interest rates and bad conditions. My tuition is very expensive and I am not receiving enough scholarship money to cover tuition, even if I get a high-paying part-time...

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Ja-Ia X. May 18, 2018 253 views

How to handle high tuition rates for an out-of-state student?

I plan on transferring from a community college to a university. However, I am unsure as to how to transfer my credits and making sure that everything that I have done until now aligns. I am also concerned about the high tuition rate and how to compensate for it. For example, when I should be...

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Olivia K. Apr 24, 2018 395 views

Why do people that want to go to college have to pay expensive tuition?

I want to attend a college that I know will further my education and help my career out tremendously but I cannot afford the tuition and I just don't understand why I have to stress out and have to come up with the money because I WANT BETTER FOR MYSELF! #tuition #privateschool...

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Jericho D. Apr 23, 2018 228 views

What is the relative approximate for out of state tuition

So im thinking about going out of state for college yet pricing has always been a factor. Can anyone let me know a price range for popular colleges outside of illinois?...


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Anisa K. Apr 23, 2018 236 views

Scholarships or educational grants?

My guardian's income is less than $10,000 and I know that in order to go to any 4 year college I will need a lot of money somehow. I can't soley rely on my part-time job, financial aid, or merit based scholarships alone. So is it better to invest my time into educational grants or award...

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Camille C. Jan 16, 2018 291 views

How do I pay for college?

I have applied to multiple scholarships but none of them seems very serious, how can I really find the right ones for me? #college #tuition #scholarships...


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Rosa G. Jan 16, 2018 324 views

How quickly am I able to get a job in the career I pursued?

I am asking because I want to be able to get a job right after college so that I can pay off the rest of my tuition and the possible loans I have. I want to be able to pay them as soon as possible so that I don't have any worries in the future. #tuition #college #loans...


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Madelyne M. Jan 16, 2018 243 views

How do I fund my college education?

I am excited because I was recently accepted to my dream college (Ohio U) and I can't wait to go! But I'm also terrified because I have no idea how I can pay for it. I keep applying for every scholarship I see...but I haven't won anything yet and time is passing by. What can I do? #tuition...

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Angelina Y. Apr 18, 2018 433 views

How do I find a good apartment to rent near my college?

I live in California currently and I need to apply for renting a place in New York because that's where my college is. It is super difficult looking for places when I can't really be there in person at the moment. I need to rent because the room and board at my college is super expensive and it...

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Gabriella A. Mar 27, 2018 392 views

Is it advisable to pay $50,000+ a year for college since the chances of making that annual salary directly after college is slim?

I have recently been accepted to one of my top choices for school, but unfortunately the annual tuition is over $50,000 a year. I would rather not have to take out loans and start my working career in debt. #tuition...


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Tatiana R. Mar 14, 2018 270 views

What year to most people start work-study programs under an architecture degree?

I want to know if I would be able to reasonably pay for (i.e. half of tuition at average price college) and live off of a work-study program while in college. Also would I be able to do this starting my first year in college (I don't have my AA yet so I would be studying for that my first...

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Nikol P. Jan 21, 2018 288 views

How can I earn more financial aid from schools than what they give me?

Soon I will be applying to college and as most of you already know, it costs a lot of money. My household income isn't enough to cover all 4+ years of college and I want to go to a college that has a high tuition. #tuition #school...


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Olivia F. Jan 19, 2018 241 views

Why does education have to cost so much

I’m looking into colleges and the colleges I have applied and been accepted at are very expensive and I think a burden on my parents....


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Alexander F. Jan 18, 2018 413 views

What is the best website to find scholarships with?

I want to get extra #funding for my #college #tuition and any other expenses that i’ll have to endure in college, so I'm wondering what the best #website/place is to find good...


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Mariya P. Jan 17, 2018 388 views

Are you bound to a future of low income if your current financial situation limits your college options?

Growing up, I was the daughter of a single mother. Our financial situation could be classified as the grey area between poverty and lower middle class. Now, as I embark onto University life, my parents cannot financially support me. This leaves me choosing between community college and in state...

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