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How to handle high tuition rates for an out-of-state student?

I plan on transferring from a community college to a university. However, I am unsure as to how to transfer my credits and making sure that everything that I have done until now aligns. I am also concerned about the high tuition rate and how to compensate for it. For example, when I should be taking loans and when I should be changing some life choices and how often I should be making those decisions to pay for tuition.

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Chris’s Answer

Hi Ja-la.  I was in this boat.  I transferred to a few different colleges during my road to graduation.   It was truly disheartening to sit with a counselor and see that person just cross off classes I had taken.  Many of my science classes did not transfer to the school I ultimately graduated from.  It's good to know you have identified credit transfer as a potential issue to manage

Community college is great!  My friends who stayed and received their AA degree did not have the same issues with credits not transferring that I did.   You may want to start with a visit to an academic counselor on campus.  I'm sure they will have a good idea of how to transfer credits and what might not transfer over.

In the end it all worked out for me, but losing those credits did add another semester to the journey.