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Whats the best state for real estate

I want to go to college and then move to a different state that has the best openings for real estate #out-of-state #college

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4 answers

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Meghan’s Answer

Speaking from experience, Texas is a great place for real estate. Nearly every open house I do I run into people from California, Chicago, and more looking to move to Texas.

With COVID turning everything upside down it seems that more and more people are leaving the big close knit cities and heading to the suburbs. Now that more people have the ability to work from home location is less of an obstacle. The outskirts of town are also in high demand.

There are a lot of new builders and the production of new build homes has grown a lot. The demand is high due to the all time low interest rates. These new builds are popping up all over the place in Texas and open up the market even more.

I hope this was helpful to you!

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Justin’s Answer

Hi Brandon,

Great question! Based on current average salary and both the lowest and highest 10 percent earners the top 3 states to sell real estate are:

1. New York
2. Connecticut
3. Delaware

These numbers are based on overall average salary, the salary of the lowest 10% of agents and the salary of the highest 10% of agents. However, salary is just one thing to look at since cost of living varies from state to state and county to county. For example, in New York, agents in New York City will make more than an agent outside of Buffalo, but the cost of living is higher, meaning more of that higher salary will go to things like housing and transportation.

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Linden’s Answer

The best locations for real estate are properties near thriving hospitals, states with high tourism, locations near oil reserves and coastal locations.

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Damion’s Answer

You may want to look at growth areas and not just sales, for example the amount of new homes being built in an area versus areas that have slow or no growth. Also, look and try and see how many realtors are in an area.

Hi Damion, how can a student find this information? Do you have a site that you recommend? Gurpreet Lally

You could go to realtor.com. I believe they have the numbers you are looking for also, a quick Google search of a zip code will give a brief overview of numbers of listed real estate agents Damion Freeman