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Damion Freeman

Tax Accountant
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North Port, Florida
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Maxwell 2 days ago 433 views

How to start a career in accounting ?

How to start a career in accounting ?

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Apr 05 333 views

How do accountants use AI in their work?

I am very interested in math an AI. My dad tells me I should consider accounting but I also am super obsessed with AI right now and wonder if that's something that is helping accountants right now

Eddie’s Avatar
Eddie Apr 01 577 views

How would I get started stock trading and which degrees can I get?

How would I get started with stock trading Hi Im Eddie I’m a senior in High School and want to pursue getting a degree and career in stock trading to make my own business out of it

Daniela’s Avatar
Daniela Mar 01 614 views

Would it be better to start a business before or after college?

I want to start my own business but I'm not sure if I should wait until after college or start before. If I start before, how should I start?

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jamison Feb 20 1044 views

what is the best college for accounting?

i want to be a accountant but i dont know which college is the best one to go to in this field.

dillon’s Avatar
dillon Nov 08, 2022 3439 views

What are the 3 things you like and dislike about accounting?

My Name is Dillon my dream job is accounting , I plan to get a CPA then go into the job as my career and I'd like to know what are 3 things you like and 3 things you dislike about accounting.

Mason’s Avatar
Mason Nov 10, 2022 1198 views

What is the hardest thing about becoming an accounting major?

Accounting major?

bryce’s Avatar
bryce Dec 02, 2021 528 views

what are some college tips for highschoolers?

what advice could you give to people who are still in high #college #help school about their college future

Clementine’s Avatar
Clementine Nov 06, 2021 614 views

What are some key components to writing an essay for college applications?

#collegeapplications #applyingtocollege #college

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Jing Nov 08, 2021 500 views

Apply College

How many colleges should you apply to the maximum? #college

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Sep 21, 2021 542 views

When trying to be a professional soccer player, in college how and by who do you get recognize by to then later go into big leagues.

As a kid in Los Angeles playing soccer in high school I just want to know how I can get into a big league here in the U.S because I know it might be a little different than in Europe. #soccer #athletics #sports #college #athlete #soccer

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Nov 03, 2021 418 views

What do you need to be a professional gamer.

#professional #gaming #programming#technology

Lilly’s Avatar
Lilly Dec 03, 2020 1743 views

Do you regret choosing to enlist in the military

I am an intelligent individual with the ability to get into many prestigious universities, but recently I have been wanting to enlist in the military. I want to enlist in the navy, and hopefully become a navy SEAL. I do realize that it is a long shot, especially considering I am a female and...

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Oct 27, 2020 597 views

Whats the best state for real estate

I want to go to college and then move to a different state that has the best openings for real estate #out-of-state #college

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jazel Aug 30, 2019 423 views

how would i become an eclectro magnetic mecanic

I'm still in school and I'm 16 and I love cars and anything that has too do with getting my hands dirty #college