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Career Questions tagged Usa

Sri’s Avatar
Sri Mar 16 155 views

How can i proceed with Master of Science in Dentistry in the US after having completed my BDS in India?

Having done with my BDS, I really would appreciate if I get some guidance regarding doing my master of science in dentistry from any US universities

eyms’s Avatar
eyms Jul 18, 2021 265 views

Health Related Studies

Hello, this year I will be a senior, and I am thinking of studying medicine, or nursing. I'm an international student, i really want to study in the US and get a full ride scholarship. For which one would it be easier for me to get a full ride scholarship #nursing #scholarship #nurse...

Delia’s Avatar
Delia Feb 26, 2021 205 views

What college degree can you receive in Europe that would allow you to work in the U.S. and other place in the world?

#travel #college #abroad #europe #USA #degree

Arash’s Avatar
Arash Nov 24, 2020 277 views

journalism and media

I completed my bachelors in journalism and media want a #job in #journalism and #media in #USA

justin’s Avatar
justin Sep 18, 2020 243 views

How much do the army make?

#army #money #usa

Dara’s Avatar
Dara Aug 28, 2020 320 views

How do I break into the entertainment industry in L.A., do i need to move to LA

I'm in grade 8, I take performing arts classes, such as vocal training, dancing, acting classes, film classes, choir and i want to become a performer in LA. #Acting # LA #USA #Canada # College #university

princess’s Avatar
princess Jul 17, 2020 354 views

Is it a right decision to apply to the USA for fall 2021 next year considering all that's been going on in US?

#Usa #general #college #Nursing #career #pediatricnursing #internationalstudents #JULY20

Haley’s Avatar
Haley Nov 20, 2019 315 views

What are the steps on going into the Marine Corps

I am a Sophomore in high school, I have been very interested in the Armed forces field for quite some time. I enjoy working with people as a team and helping out one another. Being put under pressure isn't difficult for me. I enjoy exercising and pushing myself towards a goal. #usa #marine corps

Dennis’s Avatar
Dennis Oct 12, 2018 628 views

Does retaking the ACT/SAT really matter when applying for college?

If my scores were low, can I really make a difference in my score? enough that I can increase my chances of receiving scholarship and grant awards to help with the cost of college? #college #tuition #scholarship #grant #cost #accept #win #usa #graduate #financial-aid #college-admissions...

Shanice’s Avatar
Shanice Jan 16, 2018 572 views

What are some tips and steps that I should take in order to start a charity organization?

I want to start a charity organization that aids in funding the less fortunate, homeless, less developed countries etc. what are some steps that I should be taking I order to start one? For example will I need legal work, lawyers, a large social media platform and donations to start the...

Murad’s Avatar
Murad Jul 21, 2017 757 views

Could you please send me the list or URL containing the list (or smilar way) of the PhD programs which accept students without MASTER degree and/or standardized test (such as GRE/GMAT results) in field of economics?

#phd I am graduated this year and want to apply for PhD #usa #uk #economics #japan