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How much do the army make?

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3 answers

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Cameron’s Answer

Pay for military members can be based on a number of things such as, being married, rank, deployment status, active / reserve duty. best thing to do would be talk to your local recruiter and get a idea of what job you would like.

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Mark’s Answer

All military base is based on your rank and your time of service. For an E1 you make $1,733 a month. That does not include your basic allowances for housing (BAH) or subsistence (BAS) (aka, food). All of your medical is taken care of as well and is not included. Then there are also some jobs that pay more such being on airborne status, flight pay, or language proficiency.

Promotions for the first few ranks can happen pretty quickly.

You can google "military pay charts" to find out the exact pays for each rank.

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Mary’s Answer

Hi Justin,

Good advice from other advisors here. I would echo their advice; contact a recruiter and get information directly from them. As with any contractual agreement, if you decide to enlist, be sure all of your benefits, pay, length of service, etc., are in writing. I've listed a URL below with additional information on pay and benefits you may qualify for if you enlist. Good luck! Go Army!

Mary recommends the following next steps:

This website has great information on basic pay, benefits, etc. https://www.goarmy.com/benefits/money.html